Soak up the tranquil energy of Bruny Island on the Fluted Cape Walk – a 6.6km wilderness circuit which climbs to the top of one of the highest sea cliffs in Australia – and be rewarded with a glorious coastal panorama.


We acknowledge that this adventure is located on Lunawanna-allonah, the traditional land of the Nuenonne people who have occupied and cared for this land for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them as the Traditional Custodians and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

Quick Overview

The Fluted Cape Walk, located on South Bruny National Park in Lunawanna-allonah / Bruny Island, lutruwita / Tasmania, is a wonderful option for a day hike if you’re staying overnight on the Island. The Grade 3 trail is a 6.6km circuit that climbs from a bay to the top of a dolerite cliff, encapsulating the best parts of Bruny Island’s wilderness along the way.

About Fluted Cape Walk

The Fluted Cape Walk is a great option for a day hike due to its close proximity to Adventure Bay – an area known for sightings of white wallabies. These albino marsupials thrive on Lunawanna-allonah / Bruny Island due to a lack of predators. Hiking early in the morning or closer to sunset will maximise your chances of spotting wildlife. We aimed for sunset, and while we didn’t cross paths with a rare white wallaby, we witnessed multiple brown-haired wallabies just before dusk.

The Fluted Cape Walk covers diverse terrains with spectacular coastal views. While the 2.5 to 3 hours trail is steep and rugged in most parts, the expansive views of the seemingly infinite sea at the top of the 270m tall dolerite cliffs of the Fluted Cape is worth the climb. Remains of structures associated with the old whaling industry are visible at an open grassland area called Grass Point.

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How to get to The Fluted Cape Walk

Getting to Lunawanna-allonah / Bruny Island

Take your car on the ferry from Kettering, on mainland lutruwita / Tasmania, to Bruny Island.

Getting to the start of the Fluted Cape Walk

From the ferry terminal on Lunawanna-allonah / Bruny Island, it’s a 40 minute drive to the car park by Bruny Island Cruises where the trail starts. Take Lennon Road, which becomes Bruny Island Main Road. Turn onto Adventure Bay Road and drive to the end. The track starts from the small car park at East Cove. The roads here are suitable for 2WD vehicles.

Skill Level

Beginner – Intermediate

Distance / Duration

6.6km circuit / 2.5-3 hours

Essential Gear

  • Good walking shoes
  • Light jacket
  • Torch (in case you’re still descending down the trail after dusk)
  • Snacks
  • Camera
  • First aid kit
  • Water

What it’s Like Hiking The Fluted Cape Walk

Starting from the small car park next to Bruny Island Cruises, we walked onto the beach of the southern part of Adventure Bay, heading towards the Grass Point Trail.

This initial section was a leisurely stroll along a wide and flat dirt path. We mostly dawdled along the shore, enjoying the colours of the sea and sunlight that pierced through the canopy of trees.


Fluted Cape Walk – A Dramatic Day Hike on Tassie’s Bruny Island, Lipei Teoh, Tasmania, hiking, female walking, dappled light, light through trees,

Soon, we came across the ‘Fluted Cape Walk’ sign, and took a right turn to get started. This was when the walk turned into a real hike! We ascended through grasslands amongst towering eucalypts and sheoaks, appreciative of the exposed tree roots providing support to our feet throughout the incline. Even though it was a steep climb, it felt peaceful to wander through native flora while the birds sang alongside the faint sound of waves behind us. The refreshing coastal breeze was a cooling balm against our skin.

After a continuous climb to the top of one of the highest sea cliffs in Australia, we were rewarded with the glorious coastal panorama off the Fluted Cape. I rested on a flat boulder overlooking this gift. The blue sea was vast with hazy mountains on the horizon and cotton clouds hovering above it all. We savoured the moment of solitude.

Hints of pink and orange on the corners of the clouds told us that the sun was starting to set –  it was time to move on and descend back to Adventure Bay. The path was littered with a carpet of pine needles and twigs. We threaded down the slippery, steep slope carefully, admiring the stunning views of the sea – and nearby Penguin Island – from the boulder strewn edge. The dramatic coastal views accompanied us all the way down.


Fluted Cape Walk – A Dramatic Day Hike on Tassie’s Bruny Island, Lipei Teoh, Tasmania, rocks, boulders, ocean view


It was around this time that we came across a group of adorable local brown wallabies. A number of them jumped off when they saw us, while the few who didn’t mind our presence kept on grazing. I had a staring contest with a curious wallaby before it gave up and hopped away.


Fluted Cape Walk – A Dramatic Day Hike on Tassie’s Bruny Island, Lipei Teoh, Tasmania, wallaby


When we arrived back on the beach, the colours of sunset reflected upon our surroundings. The rocks and sand along the shores were pinkish; the dirt path, almost burgundy. We watched as the sky slowly lit the ocean a blazing orange. Back at Adventure Bay, we joined a few travellers on the wharf to admire the final colours of the day wash across the water.

Then we jumped into our hired car and zipped straight towards Hotel Bruny for one of the most satisfying pub meals we’ve ever had. The seafood chowder was phenomenal.

Tips for Hiking the Fluted Cape Walk

  • If you’re starting the hike at sunrise, walk the circuit in a clockwise direction to take in the gentle morning light along the coast, and perhaps spot some wildlife foraging along Grass Point
  • If you’re planning to end the walk at sunset, take the counterclockwise direction so you enjoy sunset along Grass Point and spot the wallabies that tend to gather there at that time
  • Pack some snacks to enjoy with the views at the peak of the cliff


Fluted Cape Walk – A Dramatic Day Hike on Tassie’s Bruny Island, Lipei Teoh, Tasmania, lookout, ocean views, blue clouds

Fluted Cape Walk FAQs

When is the Fluted Cape Walk open?

The Fluted Cape Walk is open all year round.

Which direction of the Fluted Cape Circuit should I walk in?

The trail can be done from either direction (clockwise or counterclockwise). Both directions involve steep uphill sections.

What is the best time of day to walk the Fluted Cape Circuit?

Early in the morning or mid-afternoon finishing at sunset.

Can you swim near the Fluted Cape Walk?

Yes! The walk starts and ends on the beach at Adventure Bay where you can indulge in a refreshing dip.

How many hours do I need to complete the Fluted Cape Walk?

You can complete the walk in two hours if you don’t stop to admire the views at the top. If you’d prefer to stop for photos and to take in the scenery, three hours is a good length of time.

How hard is the Fluted Cape Walk?

It’s a grade 3 circuit, suitable for beginner to intermediate hikers. Wear good shoes as some parts of the trail are steep, uneven, and rocky.

Will I definitely see a white wallaby on the Fluted Cape Track?

No, there’s no guarantee that you’ll see a white wallaby, despite the area being known for sightings. Your chances of spotting any wildlife are higher if you’re on the trail at sunrise or sunset.