Fresh out of the United States, Fierce Hazel is a company that’s sustainably focused to their core.


Their small range of products are lightweight, durable and produced mostly from deadstock. We got a closer look at two of their bags, the Echelon All-Conditions Ride Pouch and the Tour de Fierce Ultralight Cycling Wallet.

Both products we looked at are nicely designed, but it’s the sustainable focus of Fierce Hazel that really has us frothing. Both the wallet and the pouch are made entirely from deadstock – specifically, unused material left over at the factory by bigger clients who overestimated the amount required for production. Which is pretty flippin’ awesome.

Add to this the fact that they’re ethically produced by hand at a factory that pays a living wage, has reasonable working hours, and a good work environment, and Fierce Hazel are ticking a whole lot of incredible boxes.

Echelon All-Conditions Ride Pouch

Never heard of an ‘echelon’ before? No worries. It’s a term used to describe the way cyclists spread out diagonally across the road when cycling in hectic winds. You’ll usually see it happening in the Tour de France and other road cycling events, but the diagonal shape is also seen in the design of the echelon pouch. 

Made from ultra-durable and weatherproof 420D PU-coated nylon and using YKK® waterproof zipper, this little pouch is designed to keep your valuables dry while out riding. The internal pocket is roomy enough for all but the largest of smartphones, my iPhone XS fit in nicely (without a case – with the case it fit, but was a tight squeeze). 


Echelon Pouch, fierce hazel, mattie gould,


The design of the echelon pouch is sleek and minimal, with additional external pockets for extra bits and pieces. Fierce Hazel doesn’t see their products as gendered, after all we’re all humans, and this is very evident in the way the products are described.

‘A long skinny pocket might be the perfect spot to keep a tampon. Or a pen. Or lip balm. Or a tire lever. Whatever.’

The echelon bag is the perfect size to fit into the pocket of a cycling jersey, but it also works as an organising pouch to slip into a backpack, pannier, or bike bag; ideal for those of us that don’t lycra up for every ride. 

Tour de Fierce Ultralight Cycling Wallet

The Tour de Fierce wallet is similar to the Echelon pouch, except it’s a little larger and not quite as waterproof. It’s made with Weatherproof 30D PU + silicone-coated nylon and also sports a YKK® waterproof zipper. It’ll keep your goods dry in a shower, but you’ll want to keep it under a jacket if it really starts coming down. 


TDF Wallet, Echelon Pouch, fierce hazel, mattie gould,


The larger scale of this wallet makes it ideal for use as a tool bag – I managed to fit a spare tube, pump, and tire levers, and could have squeezed some cash and a few extras inside. Much as the Fierce Hazel products aren’t aimed at a specific gender, neither are they solely focused in their use. This wallet is designed to work just as well off the bike as on, and can be used as a stand-alone wallet or travel organiser without looking out of place.

Inside the wallet is a zippered pouch for coins, cash, or whatever and an ultralight plastic key clip – you know, for keys. It still fits inside the pocket of most cycling jerseys and is about as light as they come, weighing in at a measly 50g.

Where can you buy Fierce Hazel?

In addition to buying directly from Fierce Hazel’s website, many of the products are stocked by our friends over at Toitū. These guys are about as serious on sustainability as Fierce Hazel and they aim to stock only the best eco-friendly outdoor gear and apparel on the market.