I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel a hint of summer in the air – add daylight saving to the mix and mid-week microadventures are back on the cards. 


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Countries on which these adventures take place who have occupied and cared for these lands and waters for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

Last week, KeepCup was kind enough to send me one of the new Helix range, a bottle/cup hybrid that transforms from a coffee cup into a water bottle. The only condition was, I had to put it to the test with a week of microadventures, from my pre-surf coffee to my post-run hydration. Here’s how it went.

KeepCup Helix


Monday: Prepare early with a pre-work surf

With the daylight coming earlier and the weather being warmer, morning missions are a lot more palatable. Luckily for me, we got a decent swell on Monday morning and the wind lined up just right. It was a brisk morning but we were able to get in the water just after 6am, our hot coffee waiting patiently on the shore in the Helix. 

One thing I’ve learnt from my early morning surfs is the importance of having everything ready to go the night before. That way, when the alarm goes off, all you need to do is chuck some coffee in your cup and hit the road.

That morning, we were treated to two hours of waves, making it back in time to start another week working from home, having already scored some morning magic. Damp and slightly chilled from the morning swell, that post-surf coffee was looking mighty good as we headed in and I was hopeful the cup would live up to the hype. 

Fully-sealed, the Helix bottle will keep drinks hot for more than two hours and the cup, one hour (or so they told me). While I was a little dubious on that brisk Monday, I was stoked when we cracked her open and were treated to a much-needed steamy caffeine hit. 

Tuesday: Go small on a lunchtime trail run

Alright, this one might be a bit of a stretch but I’m claiming it – after all, microadventures come in all shapes and sizes. 

Tuesday was a big day. As much as I wish I could claim every day was sunshine and rainbows, I knew Tuesday was going to be a whopper. Work was flat out, so I wanted to just sneak in something nice and easy that didn’t take any planning and gave me a little screen break in the middle of the day.

I ducked out at lunch, threw on my trail shoes, and slipped in a quick run along some foreshore trails. I’ve found when I’m trying to squeeze every drop of juice out of life, sometimes you gotta go small. 


KeepCup Helix

Wednesday: A midweek camp, easier than it seems

Hump day felt like a good day to step it up a notch and really treat ourselves. I’m often surprised at how achievable a midweek mission is. I’ll admit, I say this as someone who has no kids and a fair bit of flexibility around work, but still, I’d argue that pretty much wherever you live, you’re less than an hour away from a cheeky little spot you can sneak off for a midweek adventure.

And we did just that – heading out to a secret spot where we could watch the sun setting over the ocean and spend the night under the stars (actually just in the back of the car). 

While KeepCup will talk about the Helix keeping your coffee hot and your water cold, we soon discovered another lesser-known use where it thrives: keeping a wine or beer chilled while watching the sunset (it turned out the lid even doubled as a wine glass). Whether it’s a day walk or an overnight camp, I’ve got a feeling the KeepCup Helix might be your next hiking essential, because really, is there anything more crucial than hot coffee and cold beer?


KeepCup Helix

Thursday: Do what you can – post-work boulder

I’m a photographer, so I have to travel for work a fair bit which is unfortunately the most unsustainable part of my life. While it sucks, my day job is focused on funding a sustainable future and fighting the climate crisis, so I try to reduce my impact wherever else I possibly can, such as through reusable cups. 

Toward the end of the week, a last-minute trip to Sydney put a little snag in the microadventure plans. Luckily for me, I was just able to squeeze my bouldering shoes (and the Helix Kit) into my carry-on and I had my pick of bouldering gyms in Sydney, and as promised, chilled water at my disposal. It’s great to have a 2-1 solution to travel light rather than having to double up on bottles and cups.

For me, it was a reminder to just do what you can – whether it’s appreciating the outdoors with a midweek microadventure or reducing your impact on the planet – we can’t always be perfect, but we can always try.

Friday: Get set up for the weekend

If transit, life admin, and logistics for the weekend count as microadventure then my Friday was chock-full of it. We’d rallied a bunch of mates to head up to Mt Buffalo for what I’d call a ‘social hike’. By my definition, a social hike is one that features just as much red wine, cheese, and hanging out as it does walking.

Either way, Friday was mostly consumed with flying back from Sydney, packing for the hike, and then heading up to the Alpine Region to start the next day. Since no one is here to argue with me though, I’m counting that as Friday’s microadventure given it technically was the start of our weekend. 

And for anyone who’s wondering, it was a humdinger of a weekend, and the Helix kept the wine safe and cold on Saturday’s Mt Buffalo hike. 

A week of Microadventures

When I head off on a weekend mission, I know it’s likely I’ll be bouncing between places for the next week or two. From a trip into the city on Monday, then travelling for work mid-week and getting back just in time for the next mission. After a week of putting the KeepCup Helix through its paces in my hectic life, it has definitely earned a spot in my kit. 

Whether it’s a lightweight, sustainable way to grab my coffee or a bottle to keep my water cold while I boulder, it’s safe to say the Helix is going to feature in a lot of early-morning surf sessions, road trips, and summer hikes. From coffee and water, to wine, beer, and hell, maybe even a cheeky cocktail – it’s great to just have one piece of kit that can do it all.  

As for me, I loved the challenge the KeepCup team gave me to squeeze as many microadventures into the week and had an absolute blast, but I think I’ve earnt a sleep-in for tomorrow.