Brody’s taken Dometic’s new inflatable tent for a family camping trip to the Grampians and safe to say, he’s pleasantly surprised.

Wait, Who Are Dometic?

After using Dometic iceboxes and fridges on my adventures for the last few years I was stoked to be given the opportunity to take my friends and family out and test out Dometic’s new Hayman 4 Air Inflatable Tent.

Dometic’s a global brand focused on making mobile living as easy as possible. The brand’s history stems from its years of innovation within the RV industry, where it became known for high quality and durable equipment.

Since the release of their ‘outdoor leisure range’ last year Dometic has been making camping gear that looks good, but isn’t showy, and works great. I reckon they’re one to watch. So, how does the inflatable tent stack up?


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The Dometic Hayman 4 AIR Inflatable Tent

I’m not going to lie and say I knew what I was signing myself up for. I was setting off to camp for the night with a family of four, myself, and nothing to pitch the tent with but a pump and a few pegs.



But to my surprise the inflatable tent was an absolute breeze (pun a little bit intended). Like most people, we didn’t mess around and read the instructions. We just tore it out of the bag and went by feel! 

Anchoring the four corners down, whipping out the pump, securing it to a two-way valve and beginning to pump was all it took. It only took about a minute on each of the three durable air poles for them to reach 7-8psi, leaving us with only the guy ropes to tension and tighten.

Checking Out The Interior

I was shocked and so was everyone else at camp, at just how large and simple the blow up tent actually was. We unzipped the main door of the tent eagerly, keen to see what type of home awaited us. And unsurprisingly, just like the outside, the inside was huge.

The Hayman 4 AIR felt a lot bigger than the 4-person tents I’m used to due to the size of the canopy that you first step into when entering the tent. This massive front room would be a great area to hide away from the weather and play cards with friends in, store your gear or even as a place for your four-legged friend to sleep.

Upon entering the tent you’re facing a black remove-able inner tent that separates the rooms from the canopy. There are two doors and a dividing wall, creating two ‘bedroom’ spaces, giving you three rooms in total. 


How To Set Up Your Own Glamping Experience, Brody Webb, dometic hayman 4 air, inflatable tent,


I reckon this is awesome, if you need a little space from the kids or if you’re camping with mates, you don’t all have to share one space. 

You can take the inner tent down if you like, but it does help with regulating the interior temperature. That being said, you’ll be left with a much bigger main room, I reckon it would sleep about eight people comfortably! Might be more of a festival vibe though…

The oversized windows bring the outdoors in, and just by opening the window gussets and pegging down the eyelets, you can get plenty of air flow through the tent, while still keeping it private inside.

After the classic night of camping fun with smores and games by the camp fire we woke to the sound of rain falling on the tent roof in the middle of the night. But the Weathershield 68D material stood up to the test and didn’t let a drop in, we could have been at home.


How To Set Up Your Own Glamping Experience, Brody Webb, dometic hayman 4 air, inflatable tent,

Who do I think this tent is for?

It’s not too tough of a question because this tent could suit anyone travelling with a crew, whether that’s families on a weekend getaway or a few friends on a week-long adventure.

The Hayman 4 AIR won’t be your cheapest piece of kit, coming in at $1399, but I think you really need to go and check out the tent and see it in person because it won’t disappoint.

We found ourselves saying ‘this tent is epic’’ and ‘it’s huge!’ a lot more than we thought we would. But the key thing that I can’t get over is the ease of setting it up and packing it down. Throw in the space, waterproofing, and multiple rooms and Dometic have made a pretty damn awesome home away from home.


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How To Set Up Your Own Glamping Experience, Brody Webb, dometic hayman 4 air, inflatable tent, family