Day Trip to Robin Falls (NT)

If you like adventurous hikes through forests, swimming in tropical waterfalls and catching a couple of fish, Robin Falls in the Northern Territory is for you.


  • Stunning forest landscapes
  • Fishing
  • hiking/ rock climbing
  • Scenic drive to Robin Falls
  • swimming at the falls

Robin Falls is one of the Northern Territory’s hidden gems. Most people head out to Litchfield National Park to chase waterfalls, but what most people don’t know is that just outside of the boundaries of Litchfield lies an amazing adventure. Bonus: you’ll probably be the only ones there!

The day we went there was quite rainy, which probably isn’t the safest time to go out to the falls because it’s likely you’ll get flooded in. But just a tip, Robin falls has about 3 times as much water in it after a rain so it looks insane!

The moment you get there you might be a little confused. There’s something that looks to be a dirt road car park and yes, you can park your car there.

From the car park hike up along the stream for about 20 – 30 minutes through rocky, forest-like landscape until you hear the roar of the thumping water from above. Note that while walking along the stream, you are in the Northern Territory so be weary of crocs and be very careful when you have to cross over the waters.

Once you’ve reached the waterfall, you have so many options with what you want to do there. We hiked up the waterfall as much as we could, but because all the rocks were extremely wet, we couldn’t get too high. But if you’re there during the dry season, you can rock climb to the top and go for a swim at the top of the falls over looking outback Australia’s mountainous country. It’s incredible!

Also if you’re a bit of a fisherman, take your rod and there’s a high chance you’ll catch a couple fish, we did!

Robin Falls is definitely one of my favourite waterfalls in the Northern Territory. If you like adventurous hikes through forests, swimming in tropical waterfalls and catching a couple of fish, you’ll love it here!

Essential Gear

  • Camera & tripod
  • Swimming gear (in the dry season)
  • fishing rod (optional)
  • Hiking boots (I did it in thongs, probably not the best idea)
  • Salt (Salt? Yeah salt, sounds crazy I know. But there are leeches that live in these parts of the country and they’re quite friendly. If you get a leech on you, pour some salt on it and it will dry up and fall off in seconds)
  • Hat, Sunscreen & water.

How To Get There

Robin falls is about a one and a half hour drive south of Darwin. Firstly, Follow the National Highway 1 from Darwin all the way south to Adelaide river (112.3 km). The turnoff for Robin Falls is about 11km to 12km south of the Adelaide River township on Dorat Road.


  • Swimming
  • Photography
  • Hiking
  • Fishing

Skill Level

Beginner – Intermediate.The walk along the stream to Robin Falls is quite easy, however there are moments when you have to cross parts of the stream and climb over rocks and logs.

Distance Covered / Elevation Gain

From the car park, Robin falls is about 1.5 km along the stream. To return, follow the stream another 1.5km back to the car park. Robin falls is at an altitude of 125 metres above sea level.