Lesmurdie Falls is a quick and simple drive from Perth (you barely even leave the CBD) and an easy stroll to reach the actual falls. Perfect for an unexpected day off.


  • Within the Perth metropolitan area
  • Easy access for all ages
  • Plenty of lookouts to take in the waterfall views

Lesmurdie Falls

With my plans cancelled at the last minute, I suddenly found myself with a free day ahead of me. I grabbed the opportunity and quickly began sorting out how I was going to fill the day. We had recently experienced some fairly heavy rain, so I thought there might be a good chance that some of the waterfalls in the hills might be running.

I decided to go and explore the Lesmurdie Falls, the advantage of this location was that it wasn’t far away from me in central Perth (about a 45 minute drive), and access was easy so I wouldn’t have to prepare much and could be quickly on the road.


It's An Easy Day Trip To Lesmurdie Falls (WA), Andrew Marr, waterfall, cascades, rocks, whitewater


I packed my daypack with snacks and water, threw on the hiking boots and grabbed my camera along with the tripod (with a bit of luck there was going to be running water so some long exposures were hopefully on the agenda).

The Journey To Lesmurdie

The remarkable thing about the Lesmurdie Falls is there’s no long country driving required. The falls are located in Mundy Regional Park at the foot of the Darling Range, east of Perth. You don’t actually leave the metropolitan area. After driving through some of the suburban streets of Lesmurdie, you find yourself at the carpark down from the falls. There is also a carpark on the other side of the park that provides access to trails above the falls.

From the car park there is a relatively flat 0.5km walk along the creek that takes you up to the base waterfall. When I arrived at the falls the water was cascading down the rocks. I pretty much had the place to myself, so I took some time to explore the place, have some lunch and naturally take some photos.


It's An Easy Day Trip To Lesmurdie Falls (WA), Andrew Marr, waterfall, spray, rocks, boulders, crashing, whitewater


There are a number trails around the park, that are well marked, taking you to various lookouts where you can take in the views and gain a different perspective of the waterfall and Lesmurdie Brook that runs through it.

Essential Gear

  • Hiking boots or walking shoes
  • Day pack with water
  • Camera (with tripod)


  • Waterfall chasing
  • Walking/hiking
  • Photography

How To Get There

Lesmurdie Falls is only a 30min drive (26km) from the Perth city centre.

Skill Level

Beginner — Sealed roads all the way to carpark. All trails are well sign-posted. The track up to the falls provides easy access along the creek. Take care around the waterfall as the rocks can be slippery.

Distance Covered

4km walking around the falls