Ever worn a poncho? It’s literally impossible to be unhappy while wearing one. They’re fun to slip over your head, flare up like a flamenco dancer when you give ‘em a twirl and comfy as your favourite pair of tracky-dacks.


Once the mainstay of spaghetti-western cowboys and now the emergency getting-wet-at-the-soccer-stadium plastic body sack, ponchos were meant to be worn over the body when riding and rolled out like a blanket each night ready to camp under the stars.

This new iteration of the classic poncho from Poler does exactly the same thing as ponchos of old – but instead of the ‘gun-slinging and rooting-tooting’ you’ll be camping out with your mates and connecting with nature.

Filled with Thermastuff synthetic insulation, and featuring a kangaroo pouch pocket, these guys will keep you warm and cosy around camp, double as a blanket at night and probably make you the envy of all your mates. Not available until June 29th, you’ll have to pre-order and wait patiently before you can start living your poncho dreams. Yee-haw.

Poler poncho blanket