Big ups to the Victorian Government! These legends have halved camping fees across all of Victoria’s state and National Parks. 

You heard it right! This is no doom and gloom news piece about the rising cost of camping, instead it’s nothing but feel good vibes as the half-price fees will apply statewide and have immediate effect.

The price cut started on July 1st so there’s no better time to hop online and secure yourself a campsite. If you’ve already booked up a camping trip in Vic, don’t worry, you’ll be reimbursed half the cost. Bloody ripper!

So why have they cut the costs?

Well the Vic Government has implemented something called ‘The Great Outdoors Package’, (sounds rad already) and basically they’re going to be pumping a whole lot of money into the state to get more people frothing on the outdoors. $107.2 million in fact!

In addition to the price cut, ‘the package’ will see money invested in upgrading camp facilities, improving walking trails and driving tracks, and creating 30 new campsites.

There might be some concerns that reduced fees will turn your favourite bush campsite from serene escape to severely overcrowded, so maybe it’s time to look further afield. Or time to keep that secret spot extra secret. Seriously though, Parks Vic are onto this and will be assessing camp usage, to see where greater maintenance, upgrades and extra sites need to be employed.

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We reckon this is great news all ’round and we’re quietly hoping that every other Australian state will follow. In the meantime, how about celebrating by planning a Spring micro in Victoria! Here’s a full list of parks where the camping fees have been halved. You’re welcome.

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Feature image by Jake Doherty

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