Here at We Are Explorers we know that there’s something rather special about going on any kind of camping trip. Whether it’s an epic 7-day hike through the wilderness, glamping on a rooftop in Melbourne or finding a beachside locale for a game of nails, nothing beats getting out there and sleeping under the stars. There’s something extra special about getting away from the crowds though. Join Mattie as he discovers the secrets to finding a quiet campsite.

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Why You Want A Quiet Campsite

Last January I headed to the Snowy Mountains for a quick overnighter, camped by the Thredbo river and then mountain biked, swam and trail ran at Lake Crackenback. Perhaps it’s because I’ve only lived in Australia for 6 years, but I didn’t even register the fact that it was January 26th — apparently this is something of a big deal for Australia (rightly or wrongly) — and also a massive weekend for camping.

It was on this trip (while sleeping in a tent wedged between my rear wheel, a puddle and the dirt road) that I realised there are just some things that are almost guaranteed to take the shine out of your trip.

So if you want to go camping without listening to old mate next door telling stories of conquests past, without being woken by someone else’s party playlist and without waking up with your feet in a puddle, here are 5 top tips for finding a quiet campsite.

# 1 Camp In Winter

Seriously, this is quiet campsite 101. There are so many benefits to camping in winter; quieter campgrounds, cooler temperatures in your tent and fewer snakes just to name a few.

Top 5 tips for a quiet campsite Mattie Gould Ain Raadik creek crossing car 4wd

# 2 Dirt Roads Are Your New Best Friend

The less mainstream the road, the less mainstream the campsite. While many Aussies seem to love their off-road vehicles, most get around without a spec of dirt, leading me to think that they — like my mother-in-law — rarely take them past the city limits. So take your trusty Toyota Corolla or tricked-out adventure beast and get off the asphalt!

# 3 Keep Your Distance From Big Towns

There’s nothing better than heading out after work on a Friday night and arriving at your campground an hour or two later. But drive just another hour further and the bounty will be yours, all yours. Your next adventure is closer than you think!

Top 5 tips for a quiet campsite Mattie Gould Ain Raadik campfire hammock campsite creek river

# 4 Instagram Stalk The Location

In this world of Insta-fame and chasing likes, when it comes to quiet camping, the fewer hashtags and check-ins the better (for you). So run your intended location through your fav social media search and if it’s not popular on the ‘gram, then make it your own. Just remember to keep it that way.

# 5 Go Mid-week

Another one from the quiet camping playbook. Yeah, you might have to use up one or two precious days of annual leave, but by adventuring midweek, you could find yourself camping in the prime position with nothing but the stars above and nothing and no-one to disturb your well-deserved slumber.


Photography by Ain Raadik @ainraadik

Feature photo by Ben Savage @ben.savage

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