If you’re looking for family friendly activities in Canberra, try hitting up the legends at ‘BlocHaus’. Alongside their current feast of climbing walls, BlocHaus have just opened a dedicated Family Bouldering Gym. Maybe bouldering could be the perfect addition to your school holiday plans.

Bouldering In Canberra

Since opening their doors in October 2017, BlocHaus has been getting Canberrans off their couches and onto their indoor climbing walls. Based in Fyshwick, their colourful and creative space has introduced the sport of bouldering to kids and adults from all over.

Towards the end 2018, BlocHaus extended their space to introduce BlocHaus Family — a dedicated space for little climbers to take their first steps, reach for their first holds and scale their first climbing wall.

Bouldering in Canberra, Bloc House, Mattie Gould, kids climbing BlocHaus

Photo by @mattiejgould

Hang On — What Is Bouldering?

Firstly, think rock climbing, but without ropes and with a squishy landing. That’s pretty much it!

Climbing walls have different ‘routes’ mapped onto them using holds of different colours and shapes. Colours often represent the difficulty of the route.

Bouldering is a whole body activity that focuses the mind and presents active puzzles to solve. If you’re anything like me, it will leave you with aching fingers for days.

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Family Bouldering Space

Next to the main climbing gym, the new family-focused space offers easier and safer routes for little ones. It even includes a slide coming down from the central block for kids that manage to ‘top out’.

But don’t worry parents, you haven’t been forgotten. There’re plenty of routes to keep you entertained while the kids are climbing the walls — better they do it here than at home right!

Bouldering in Canberra, BlocHaus, Mattie Gould, coffee climbing

Photo by @mattiejgould

But First, Coffee

Not only is the new family bouldering space next to the original gym, it’s also next to the coffee machine. And with BlocHaus’ early opening hours, this could be a very important consideration. In the family friendly space, there’s also additional toilets and a small enclosure for the really little ones.

So where will you find me and my little adventure buddy? We’ll be hiding from the snakes and the sun and getting busy bouldering in Canberra.

Join The Fun

Keep your eyes on the @blochauscbrfamily Instagram and website for updates and further details.


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