The Bilby by Aussie brand Knog is redesigning the head torch.

Ever questioned why traditional head torches are just a bulky, heavy lump in the middle of your head? So has Knog. Last year they created the Bandicoot – a head torch that’s lighter and more comfortable than your regular head torch, plus it can be recharged via a USB port. 

Now they’ve taken all of their customer feedback and used it to create the Bilby – an even spiffier and more powerful version of the Bandicoot. They’re currently crowd-funding via Kickstarter, but you’ll have to be quick, the cutoff is 6pm on the 12th of Feb, that’s this Wednesday!

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So How’s The Bilby Different?

Besides having possibly the cutest name for a piece of gear ever, the Bilby sports a fair few new features that the Bandicoot missed out on (still just as cute though). 

With 400 lumens to play with, the Bilby is damn powerful. And with five different light settings, you can control that power to suit your situation. Wide, spot, mid, reading and a red night light. Super handy. There’s also a new ‘boost mode’ which allows you to get 10 minutes of extra power and brightness, no matter how much battery you have left. Great for those moments of panic in the darkness of the bush. 

Plus, with the new modemaker app, the light settings are fully customisable. Just plug it into your computer, choose which modes are most useful to you, and away you go. 

The Bilby has next level optics giving it more beam angles and making it more adjustable than the Bandicoot.

Same Unique Knog Features We Love

Not only does it have a dope digital battery that can be recharged through a USB port (saving you and the planet heaps in disposable batteries), the battery life is incredibly long. You can get five hours of use on the highest setting and 90 hours of life on the lowest setting. Wild. 

It’s light. Like, really light. Like, 90 grams light. It’s waterproof to one metre and comes in three beaut colours. 

The Bilby is made of silicone, meaning it won’t lose its elasticity, won’t tangle your hair and can endure anything the outdoors throws at it. 

Knog’s Kickstarter campaign has smashed right past its $20,000 goal, over 4,000 people have backed these weird and wonderful head torches. A $69 pledge will secure you a Bilby head torch in the colour of your choice, plus a limited edition carry pouch. 


Buy Now & Save $21