You might have heard of Knog. They’re a Melbourne based design company who’re behind a ton of shmick bike lights and a particularly aesthetic bell. Now they’ve set their sights on the head torch market, and it’s made out of… silicone?

Knog are actually no strangers to silicone. They invented the first silicone bike light in 2002, after discovering just how versatile the material really was. So how’ve they applied it to a head torch?

The Bandicoot Head Torch

The Bandicoot incorporates the strap, light and batteries into a single moulded piece of silicone. This means it saves on weight, at 49 grams it weighs bugger all, and you might even forget you’re wearing it. The silicone straps have also been given a matte finish, which is supposed to make it very resistant to tangling in your man-bun.

The angle of the lights isn’t adjustable. Instead Knog decided to give the different LEDs different angles and colour temperatures, depending on their function. The reading light, for example, points downwards and gives off a slightly warmer light.

knog, bandicoot, head torch, LED anglesIf this works well it might be a fair bit easier than constantly adjusting the angle of the unit for different purposes.

What About The Battery?

Rechargeable head torches are pretty polarising. Weekend warriors love them for their ease of use, whilst long-distance explorers rip on them for their inability to take new batteries.

To be fair though, most people are taking a battery pack with them nowadays that can top up all kinds of USB rechargeable devices. You’ll need one if you’re planning to run the Bandicoot for 2 hours a night at its top 100 lumen output.

We reckon it’d be an excellent glovebox companion. Top it up in the car and you’ll always have a light for those late-night setups on the weekender extender.

knog, bandicoot, head torch, reading

Grab One On Kickstarter

The Bandicoot raised 10 times its $20,000 goal with 4200 backers. If it gets 300 more in the next 3 days Knog is going to create an app called ModeMaker, making the head torch programmable. Pretty sweet for a $30 head torch!

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