Looking to level up your tank-based adventures? Fiji’s a breath of compressed air with densely populated reefs in water that’s 26°C year round.

Why go scuba diving in Fiji?

As Fiji has become a popular holiday destination, it’s also become synonymous with scuba diving. Being one of the world’s smallest countries in the world’s biggest ocean means there’s fantastic diving all throughout Fiji, particularly on the outer islands. The warm water and coral reefs don’t hurt either!

1. Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa Islands are immensely popular tourist destinations due to their natural beauty, vicinity to Nadi International Airport, and incredible diving. Currents from the open ocean have supported a huge amount of hard and soft coral life, with a dazzling array of species and colours.

In addition to corals of all shapes and sizes, an endless sea of fish are sure to be around. A definite highlight of the Yasawa’s marine life are the Oceanic manta rays who migrate through the islands between the months of May and October. Although diving isn’t always permitted with the rays, taking a break from the depths to snorkel on the surface is well worth it to witness these majestic animals.


7 Awe-inspiring Experiences in Fiji’s Yasawa Islands, Photo by Awesome Adventures, manta ray, reef, underwater

A manta ray hovering over coral reef in the Yasawa Islands | Photo thanks to Awesome Adventures

2. Beqa Island

Situated just off Pacific Harbour on the mainland of Viti Levu, Beqa island is world-famous for its shark diving. At just over twenty metres deep, you’ll be surrounded by about two-dozen sharks that are fed tuna heads by the experienced wranglers. Bull sharks dominate the demographic, measuring up to three metres of teeth and menace but Lemon sharks, Whitetips and Blacktips also make up the fray, with occasional visits from Tiger sharks too.

Although it seems intimidating, there’s a sense of calm underwater surrounded by the huge animals. It’s a humbling experience to witness their power and strength up close and you’ll be reassured by the expert team of dive masters and shark wranglers assisting in the operation.

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A bull shark feeding at the famous Beqa Island shark diving | Photo thanks to Charlotte Miller

3. Savusavu

The seaside town of Savusavu on Fiji’s second biggest Island Vanua Levu is a hub for sailors and ocean sports enthusiasts. The underwater rock formations are incredible, with caverns, tunnels, ledges, and walls which are a joy to explore. In each of these unique nooks and crannies are different species of marine life. There are immense fields of coral by Savusavu, frequented by fish, reef sharks, and turtles, which experienced dive masters can direct you to.

Savusavu is well-known for being home to Hammerhead sharks and although you can never predict whether you’ll encounter these distinctive and bewitching animals, it’s certainly worth a shot.


Diver surrounded by a school of fish | Photo thanks to Jakob Owens, from Unsplash

4. Leleuvia Island

Leleuvia Island is a tiny island situated a short trip from Fiji’s capital of Suva, which houses a locally-run resort. The surrounding reefs combine many of the best of the ocean’s assets: awesome rock formations, pristine coral reefs, and a wide variety of marine life. Isolated from the development and infrastructure of Suva, Leleuvia’s reefs remain largely untouched, with the flourishing marine life to prove it. Eagle rays, turtles and reef sharks are common, with beady-eyed Bull sharks present during mating season.


A sunlit turtle glides serenely in a reef by Leleuvia island | Photo thanks to Charlotte Miller


Venomous Banded sea kraits also frequent shallower waters of the island, with staff able to take you on tours to see the amphibious snakes.

The most awe-inspiring facet of Leleuvia’s marine life is when Humpback whales migrate past the island mid-year. Scuba expeditions are led to get a closer look at the animals during this time with mother and calves cruising past, creating enough force underwater to knock your mask off!

5. Taveuni

Taveuni is known as the ‘Garden Island’ because of its beautiful rainforests, which are highlighted by coastal hikes and inland waterfalls. However, the oceans around Taveuni are just as beautiful. Fiji is the soft coral capital of the world, and Taveuni is locally called the soft coral capital of Fiji, so it’s no surprise that the diversity and colour of coral species is impressive.


Taveuni is known for an astounding array of soft and hard corals | Photo thanks to Charlotte Miller


As soon as you begin your dive you’ll be surrounded by more soft and hard coral than you’ve likely ever seen, with walls and valleys filled to the brim. As well as overflowing coral reefs, turtles and sharks swim idly by regularly. There are interesting rock formations you can explore, dropping down tunnels and peeking under ledges, with something new to see at every turn. The unique soft coral density as well as exceptional marine life make Taveuni an unmissable diving experience.

So the only question left is: where are you diving first?