The hike to the top of the iconic Belougery Split Rock is a challenge more than worth the exertion. Here’s how to rock scramble your way to one of Warrumbungle National Park’s best views.

We acknowledge that this adventure is located on the traditional Country of the Gamilaraay people who have occupied and cared for the lands, waters, and their inhabitants for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them as the Traditional Custodians and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.


Quick Overview

Belougery Split Rock Walking Track is a 4.6km grade 4 loop hike in Central NSW. The hike is located in Warrumbungle National Park, about six hours drive north west of Sydney

About Belougery Split Rock

The Belougery Split Rock trail is a short but rewarding hike in the Warrumbungles with 360 degree views of the surrounding national park from the summit. 

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History of Belougery Split Rock

The Belougery Split Rock walk is on Gamilaraay/ Kamilaroi Country and occupation of the area dates back at least 5000 years. The word ‘Warrumbungles’ is a local Aboriginal word that translates to ‘crooked mountains’ in English. 

The mountains of the Warrumbungles were formed 13-17 million years ago by an active volcano. Belougery Split Rock is one of the clearest examples of a lava dome, formed when thick magma burst to the surface, cooled, and solidified around the vent. 

Bushfires in 2013 tore through most of the national park, so much of the vegetation is regrowth of the slow-growing forest. Despite this, the park is still home to a huge number of bird species, impressive wildflowers in spring, and an endangered population of Brush tailed rock wallabies.


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How to Get to Belougery Split Rock

From Sydney, drive north towards Newcastle before heading north west to Coonabarabran then follow signs west to Warrumbungle National Park. 

From Brisbane, drive south west towards Toowoomba, cross the NSW border, pass through Narrabri and follow signs to Warrumbungle National Park. 

Belougery Split Rock Route

The Belougery Split Rock loop trail starts from Split Rock Picnic Area. Walk along Burbie Firetrail for 500m before turning left to Belougery Split Rock. The track circles around the eastern side of Belougery Split Rock where there’s a steep 800m out and back side track to the summit. Return the same way or continue along the loop back to the car park. 


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Places to Stay Near Belougery Split Rock Hike

There are a number of campgrounds in Warrumbungle National Park. The closest to the hike is Camp Wambelong. This campground is typically quieter and has basic amenities. Camp Blackman is only a few kilometres further up the road and has hot showers and powered sites available. Warrumbungle National Park is a designated Dark Sky Park, so if you keep camp lights to a minimum, you’re sure to see some epic stars on a clear night!

Skill Level

Intermediate to Advanced

A moderate to advanced skill level is required to tackle this grade 4 hike. The final climb to the top of the rock includes an exposed scramble and should not be attempted during or after rain.

Distance / Duration / Elevation Gain

4.6km / 3 hours / 771 metres

Essential Gear

What It’s Like to Hike Belougery Split Rock

After a night under the sparkling stars at Camp Blackman, we woke to the early morning sun lighting up the face of Belougery Split Rock. The start of the trailhead is a short drive from the camp so we packed up and headed over for an early start. 

It was due to be a hot day so we decided to tackle the loop clockwise and get through the more challenging side of the track in the cool early morning. The track was steep and quite rocky in sections, so we took plenty of opportunities to stop, admire the view, and catch our breath as we climbed. 


Watch your step


At the intersection to the climb to the summit, we passed through a gate warning against climbing in windy or slippery weather. Luckily we had a clear sunny day but it’s easy to see how the climb could be dangerous in wild conditions so make sure you heed all safety warnings. 


No seriously, watch your step!


The scramble to the top involved a fair amount of hands-and-feet climbing. I’m a pretty nervous person when it comes to heights and I was a bit shaky in some sections but made it up to the very top without needing too many pauses for deep breaths! 

We out here

At the summit we found astounding 360-degree views of the whole Warrumbungles and the cast-flat plains to the south. It was a magical spot to have a snack and soak up the spectacular scenery. 

When we’d had our fill, we carefully climbed back down the summit trail then completed the loop back to the car park. The last kilometre was far less steep and rocky so we had plenty of opportunity to watch for birds and endangered rock wallabies on the way.


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Tips For Visiting Belougery Split Rock

NSW National Parks recommend that you take the walk in an anticlockwise direction, starting with the gentle slope and coming down the steeper rockier side

– Do not attempt this track if it is very windy or rainy as it can be slippery and very dangerous at the top in wild conditions

– There used to be a chain along the track to the summit, but according to the staff at the visitors centre, it was taken down as it was causing more accidents than it was preventing. Be prepared to use your hands and feet to get up the last section

– Go in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid climbing in the heat of the day

– During summer, if temperatures become higher than normal, National Parks will close ALL walks and other attractions within the park due to high fire danger. It’s essential during summer that visitors always check the NSW National Parks website for alerts before arriving

Belougery Split Rock FAQs

Where is Belougery Split Rock located?

Belougery Split Rock is located in Warrumbungle National Park in Central NSW.

How do you get to Belougery Split Rock?

From Sydney, travel north towards Newcastle before heading north west to Coonabarabran then following signs west to Warrumbungle National Park.

From Brisbane, head south west towards Toowoomba, cross the NSW border, pass through Narrabri and follow signs to Warrumbungle National Park.

When is Belougery Split Rock open?

Belougery Split Rock is open all year round. The best time to visit is in spring when the wildflowers are in bloom.

Is Belougery Split Rock good for beginners?

No, the Belougery Split Rock hike is a grade 4 hike that’s not recommended for beginners. You need at least an intermediate level of hiking experience.

Can you drive up Belougery Split Rock?

You can drive to the trailhead at the base of Belougery Split Rock but the only way to the top is hiking!

How long does it take to climb Belougery Split Rock?

It takes 2-3 hours to complete the Belougery Split Rock hike.

How long is Belougery Split Rock?

The Belougery Split Rock trail is 4.6km long.

How high is Belougery Split Rock?

Belougery Split Rock is 771 metres above sea level.