The Alpine Education Series is all about keeping you safe on the off-piste. Grab a ticket now for a night of skills and stoke!


Want to go beyond the resort boundary?

Skiing and snowboarding’s pretty unique – what other sport do most people solely do at a ‘resort’? There’s a lot to love about the creature comforts of alpine resorts, but as anyone who’s been beyond their boundary will tell you (myself included), there’s nothing quite like earning your turns.

Part of the reason it’s so satisfying to ride your own line is the effort involved to get there – from the climb itself to the specialised gear and specific skills needed to safely navigate backcountry alpine terrain, there’s a lot to take in.

That’s why Arc’teryx created the Alpine Education Series.


Backcountry Skills & Safety (& Beers)

The events will be covering a range of topics relevant to both beginners and veterans. After some complimentary food and drink (yes, beers!) there’ll be a presentation on backcountry etiquette, key skills, essential gear, and the ever important avalanche forecasting and safety. Yep, it’s something to consider in Australia too!

The night will include insights from experienced alpine guide Dave Herring from Alpine Access, guests from Mountain Safety Collective (whose ambassadors include WAE Gear Editor Matt Wiseman and writer Alex Parsons) and a range of Arc’teryx ambassadors.

Throw in some stoke-fuelling short films and a raffle ticket and it’s sure to be a cracking night.

Become an MSC Member: Join for $50 for your chance to win prizes from awesome snow brands.


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The Details

The events cost $20 (bargain!) and 100% of sales are being donated to Mountain Safety Collective, who plan to do an avalanche forecast every day of the snow season this year.

Here’s the schedule:


Feature photo by Ain Raadik