If you’re looking for your next book to curl up with around the campfire or to get lost in on the beach then you’re in luck – we’re back with another dose of inspiring camp chair adventures.


From Ky Furneaux’s advice for surviving extreme conditions to Erling Kagge’s more philosophical discussions on them, as well as Meg Carney’s guide to making your outdoor adventures more environmentally friendly, these books are guaranteed to inspire and prepare you for your next adventure.

1. Survive: The All-In-One Guide to Staying Alive in Extreme Conditions

Ky Furneaux 




Ky Furneaux is a Melbourne based author, Hollywood stunt woman, and world renowned survivalist. In Survive, Ky shares her expert knowledge, lifesaving techniques, and survival strategies with readers who want to know how to survive any situation.

Survive is divided into nine practical chapters that are each based on different emergency situations and conditions, such as natural disasters, wilderness first aid, travel and urban survival. If you’ve been wanting to develop your crisis management skills and get a better understanding of the steps to take in an emergency, this is the book for you.

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2. Outdoor Minimalist: Waste Less Hiking, Backpacking and Camping

Meg Carney 


Meg Carney is passionate about getting other outdoor enthusiasts to take better care of the environments that they spend so much time in. This passion has led to the creation of the Outdoor Minimalist, as well as a popular podcast of the same name.

In Outdoor Minimalist, Meg outlines actionable ways to waste less while hiking and camping, as well as some low-impact ways of experiencing the outdoors. You won’t just find a selection of great waste reduction tips but also low-waste packing lists for your next long hike or camping holiday.

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3. Ultimate Walks & Hikes: Australia

Laura Waters 



The latest edition of Ultimate Walks and Hikes takes us around Australia and 40 of its best walking tracks. Compiled by award-winning travel writer and author of Bewildered, Laura Waters, the guide offers walking routes in every state and territory around the country. This means that it covers everything from coastal walks in NSW, rainforest walks through Tasmania’s Tarkine and alpine treks in Victoria’s Grampian ranges.

The guide provides an outline of each walk, along with detailed maps, photographs, safety tips, shortcut options, and some helpful insights about each destination.

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4. The Philosophy of an Explorer: 16 Life-lessons from Surviving the Extreme

Erling Kagge



Erling Kagge is an expert on surviving in extreme environments. The Norwegian explorer was the first person to reach the three poles (North, South, and the Everest summit) and has completed numerous polar, alpine, and marine expeditions over the course of his life.

In The Philosophy of an Explorer, Erling shares the lessons he’s learned from his many adventures and what they have taught him about living a meaningful life. From the importance of optimism to getting up early and taking pleasure in the small things, this little read is packed full of wisdom from one of the world’s greatest explorers.

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5. Solo: Backcountry Adventuring in Aotearoa New Zealand

Hazel Phillips 



Solo is Hazel Phillip’s awe-inspiring account of three years spent exploring the Aotearoa backcountry in New Zealand. In her memoir, Hazel writes about the loneliness and danger that she and other female climbers face in the mountains, and the determination it takes to go and do it anyway.

While Hazel’s stories of living in mountain huts and tramping alone for days at a time are pretty inspiring, the fact that she held down a full-time job while doing so might be the most impressive part of her tale.

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6. A Guide to The Creatures in Your Neighbourhood

The Urban Field Naturalist Project



This gorgeous little guidebook will teach you about the creatures that live in Australia’s cities and suburbs. This might be the crows that you see on your walk to work, the possums that wake you up in the night, or the spiders that you try to keep out of your house.

With plenty of fascinating facts about Australia’s urban animals, as well as tips for observing, sketching, and photographing them, A Guide to the Creatures in Your Neighbourhood shows that you don’t need to leave the city to engage with nature.

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Feature image by @rnphotos on Unsplash