Having four wheels to cross a beach when you usually manage with two feet, makes it a totally different experience (and pretty damn thrilling!). The beach traverse between Bridport and Bellingham includes two giant sand dunes along 22km of 4WD fun.


  • Scenic coastal drive
  • Remote and stunning campsites 
  • Huge sand dune to speed down

Up and Over the Dunes

The Bridport to Bellingham traverse is really well formed and relatively easy to follow as it’s marked with orange triangles. We did a switcheroo and started from Bellingham, where the beach appears endless for kilometres. Towards the end of the beach, you’ll begin to see sand dunes rise up to greet you.

There are two main dunes, West Sandy Point and East Sandy Point. The first one, West Sandy Point, is where all the fun happens! Drive to the top and enjoy the breathtaking 360 degree views. It feels like you’re at the top of the world!

If you’re feeling brave, take the leap and drive down the other side – this is a major white-knuckle moment. But it’s worth it!

The sand dunes aren’t just for 4WDers. You’ll see people on horseback, motorbike riders and quad riders out here too.

There’s a free campground (but no water or other facilities) at West Sandy Point if you want to make it an overnight adventure. But make sure to leave no trace as there are no facilities out here!

Being able to drive on such a stunning stretch of coastline is a privilege. So it’s crucial to respect the 4WD Code of Conduct issued by Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service by staying on the marked track and respecting the wildlife. This’ll ensure we can enjoy adventures like this for years to come. 

It’s also incredibly important to check the tide times (Pipers River can only be crossed at low tide) and drop the tyre pressures to suitable levels to avoid getting bogged (between 16-20 psi recommended). You have the chance to deflate tyres at both ends of the beach before setting wheel on the sand. 

Pro tip: make sure you wash your car thoroughly afterwards to remove any salt!

Essential Gear

  •     A winch and correct recovery gear
  •     CB radio for communications
  •     Extra supplies and water
  •     Fuel-stove (if camping) as campfires aren’t allowed

How To Get There

The track can be started from either end of the beach. 

From Bridport, take the Sandy Points Road to Lades Beach.

From Bellingham, you can enter the track from the end of Gees Marsh road.

Both towns can be accessed from either Devonport (around 1h50 – 140 kms) or Launceston (around 1 hour – 78 kms)


Skill Level

Experienced drivers. Soft sand, steep slopes, and wet patches are likely to be encountered. It’s recommended to only tackle this drive in dry weather. 

Distance Covered / Time Taken

The beach track is 22 kilometres in total. It’ll take you an hour or two to drive the length.