Zorali has just launched a new collection of women’s outdoor clothing that features one of the widest range of sizes for outdoor gear in Australia.


Aussie brand Zorali’s stunning new women’s collection has been specifically designed to encourage women of every shape and size to get outside. Although not featuring any highly technical outdoor gear, this is the first collection by Zorali to be designed with women in mind, as opposed to the mostly unisex approach the brand’s leaned into until now. 



The collection features;

  • Trail pants 
  • Trail shorts
  • Cropped tee
  • Slouchy quilted jacket 
  • Fleece jacket 


One of the most notable features of the collection is its wide range of sizes, with every item available in any size from 6 to 24. This is pretty cool seeing as the only bottoms I could find by Patagonia in size 24 or above were a pair of fitted corduroy pants (I feel constrained just thinking about it) and Kathmandu only had a pair of unisex rain pants. 

The colour palette avoids the ‘all women like pink’ mantra a lot of outdoor brands seem to follow, with shades like ‘lemon’ and ‘sea foam’, which may not be practical shades if you plan on getting down and dirty, but are certainly a welcomed change from magenta. 



It’s great to see an outdoor clothing brand listening to its customers and designing clothing with different tastes and sizes in mind. However, as Zorali teeters on the edge of outdoor gear and fashion, there’s still a market for women’s plus size technical outdoor gear that’s waiting to be filled. 

Here’s hoping this is just the beginning of Zorali’s expansion into women-centred outdoor clothing, and that as it grows more shapes, styles, and sizes will be catered for. 


Photos thanks to @zorali