Australia is a bit light on endemic gear brands. Now, there’s a great pun there, once I tell you that Zero G Gear is a new Aussie owned and made ultralight gear brand.


Outdoor gear these days comes with more bells and whistles than a referee driving a sleigh. However, there’s something to be said for uncomplicating outdoor gear.

Zero G Gear are a fledgling brand trying to do exactly that. They just launched their website three days ago off the back of their Instagram profile.

While their current product offering is admittedly light… and I mean to say there’s a select few products. What they do have looks to be made of quality materials, all handmade in the Southern Highlands of NSW.



Their peg bags for example, strike a balance between being lightweight and durable. Made from 0.8oz Dyneema (26 g/m²) and Gridstop, they weigh… four grams.


‘Everything created by Zero G Gear has been designed with form, function and of course weight in mind. We add something to your outdoor experience by removing what is unnecessary.’


Their current range includes various sized UL food bags and UL dry bags. However, they’re also advertising ultralight summer quilts that are coming soon and are made from seriously space age materials.



Since they’re such a small operation, there’s even the potential to order some custom items. Need an ultralight waterproof tent bag? Hit them up as they’re talking about ‘custom requests’ with the understanding that, ‘Ultralight gear is such a personal thing.’


‘As each person’s experience of the outdoors is different, so is the gear each person has chosen to bring along. We hope some of our gear will go along with you.’


We’ll be keeping an eye on these guys and you can check them out for yourself here: Zero G Gear

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