The future of adventure-mobiles is here and it’s kooky as all get out. But we love it. 


Admit it, you’re a little jealous of amphibians, right? Their ability to seamlessly transition from water to land. If only humans could travel and live in a way so fluid with their natural surroundings. 

*Cue Latvian lightbulb moment*

The Z-Triton is the ultimate water to land adventure mobile, brought to you by Latvian company Zeltini


This bad boy is an e-bike, boat and camper all in one, powered by two 250W electric motors charged by solar panels, with enough space to sleep two people comfortably as well as a tonne of storage space. 

This quirky piece of equipment might just be your next adventure investment. Plus, it’s one of the most sustainable (and fun) ways to travel. 

The Z-Triton plans to be on the market by next year, so start saving your pennies now. 

Watch the conversion from bike to boat happen before your very eyes. This thing is pretty much an adventure transformer.



Photos and video thanks to Zeltini