US-based brand Yeti, famous for its tough-as-guts coolers and drink bottles, has bought another US brand known for their bombproof kit, Mystery Ranch Backpacks. 


Apart from giving major Yellowstone vibes with their respective Texas and Montanna birthplaces, what can we expect next from the two brands?

Well firstly, expect more bags from Yeti. An industry source has told us that Yeti’s bags are selling very nicely indeed, so it makes sense to acquire a brand like Mystery Ranch with all the specialist know-how.

Yeti CEO Matt Reintjes has said that Mystery Ranch has an ‘obsession with quality’ that makes it ‘a natural fit with Yeti’.


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Yeti’s bottle and cups have some of the best insulation out there | @thecampstovechef


And that makes sense. Mystery Ranch is known for its outdoor packs, as well as hunting, firefighting, and military lines. It’s been around since 2000 (which is sadly longer ago than I like to admit) and has recently grown rapidly selling directly to consumers. A bit of a cult following, but one that might stick around longer than the humble Stanley Cup.

We actually took the Mystery Ranch Terraframe 3-zip 50L backpack for a burn a bit over a year ago and Georgia loved it for a surf-hike mission. They’re not cheap, but if you’re a card carrying member of the ‘buy it for life’ crowd they’re definitely worth a look.

Mystery Ranch is currently managed by Sea to Summit distribution in Australia and their bags are available from our mates at Wild Earth Australia who stock a decent range. This could all change in the coming months though, with Yeti not held by either company.


Feature image by Isabella Borriello 

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