It was damn tough, but after much deliberation and a few too many Zoom calls, the winners of the Home Grown Adventures comp have been chosen.


Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages. We asked for your Home Grown Adventures, and you supplied in joyful and creative abundance. 

We had hiking, couch surfing, snow-shoeing, shower-canyoning and plenty of peak bagging to boot. Check out all the shenanigans that’ve been going on during lockdown

But this is a competition, and every comp needs a winner (or three). So after a couple of quarrels, a few feuds and even an altercation, the We Are Explorers team managed to agree on the cream of the crop. 

Drum roll please…

Nude stairwell climbing with Jessi and Sanna

This cheeky pair just couldn’t help themselves. They just had to do it in the stairwell. They couldn’t even make it to the bedroom. And is it just me, or do dogs have an obsession with watching on? At least they used protection!


Marijs snorkelled in her bathtub

Marijs is so dedicated to Home Grown Adventures, she propagated a reef in her bathtub to snorkel in. Oh, wait a second…



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Alice and Angel went paragliding

Wow, these guys had me fooled right up until the final moments. Soaring majestically like a bird, through valleys and over treetops. The camerawork! The voiceover! The owl! Absolute pros.


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All three winners will receive a We Are Explorers merch pack. Congrats winners and thanks to everyone who entered! We can’t wait to see you for adventures outside the house very soon! 


Feature photo by @mattiejgould