A new Aussie adventure film tackles some of Tasmania’s harshest terrain on converted commuter and vintage motorcycles.


Motorcycle touring is tough at the best of times. You can’t take much with you, you’re exposed to the elements and you can’t chill out in the passenger seat. It’s even hard to get a playlist going!

But there’s also something pure about it. Just you, the road, and an engine beneath you. In Wide Of The Mark the crew take it a step further, building adventure bikes out of everyday commuter bikes, before shooting through to Tassie from Queensland for a two week tour.

What follows is a lairy adventure, complete with wild terrain, sodden weather, and a few cheeky mechanical issues. I don’t ride motorbikes, but I still had a thoroughly great time watching the adventure with my housemates. The spirit of adventure and remarkable scenery make this a cracking watch, and bloody good inspo to get down to Tassie any way you can.

Wide Of The Mark is available for rent on Vimeo for $7. BYO popcorn!