We Are Explorers now has a juicy Spotify account and we’re crafting playlists to go hand in hand with all your niche outdoor moments.


Confession time – as much as we bag out people who think it’s OK to play blaring beats in nature, deep down we know that pressing play on the right tune at the right time can heighten our experience of the outdoors tenfold. 

So we’ve attempted to capture the ~ vibe ~ of some of the more specific moments we experience in nature and bottle up that feeling in the form of Spotify playlists. Oh you are welcome! 

We’ll be releasing a playlist every coupla weeks once it’s been lovingly crafted by one of the WAE staff (or even a cheeky guest collaborator). This way you’ll be able to delight in a smorgasbord of new tunes straight from the ears of one Explorer and into another, delish. (Psssst, follow us!)

Our first release is courtesy of Jono, who is without a doubt the most chill member of the WAE team, which is heavily reflected in his taste of tracks. 



His playlist is titled, ‘The Sun is Setting And I Managed to Light The Campfire on The First Go’. 


This is what he had to say about it.

‘You’ve just gone for a sunset swim and all eyes are on you to get the campfire cranking so the crew can heat up while watching the sky burn. You execute the perfect teepee structure and light that bad boy up first go… time to crack the tinnies!’

I feel this one in my bones. We hope you do too.

We’re always keen to expand our collection of tunes and don’t shy away from a lil Spotify song stalk. Chuck us a follow so we can see what you’re wrapping your ears around!

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DISCLAIMER: Let me be clear – We’re not condoning the use of a UE Boom playing outrageous hip hop at max volume on a packed out beach or having your speaker pump ear-splitting beats as it swings from your hand on your weekend hike through the Royal National Park.

Music in nature can be a delight, but not when it’s ruining other people’s vibe. Play those tunes respectfully.