A podcast recording is pretty simple right? Two microphones, some recording equipment, maybe a quiet room? When Hamish Blake reached out to Beau Miles to record an episode of How Other Dads Dad things quickly got much more out of hand.


Few things in life are guaranteed, but when Beau Miles is involved I reckon there are a few things you can count on:

  • He’ll turn it into an adventure and
  • There’ll be a film about it

Often Beau’s alone in these films, but sometimes he convinces someone to join his hare-brained scheme. I reckon this is when Beau’s at his best, riffing off other people and drawing out their stories, along with his own.

But usually these people are mates, and as we all know, it’s a lot easier to get up to mischief with your mates than any old randoms.

Unless that person is Hamish Blake, of course.


An inconvenient podcast, Hamish Blake Beau Miles, Dads, adventure

Hamish Blake feat. a paddle Beau crafted for him


Although they’d never met before, when Beau suggested he’d turn his journey to the podcast studio into a wacky adventure with his daughter, Hamish was right on board himself, and they cooked a plan to each travel 345km with their kids and meet in the middle (of a lake, on an island), between their two homes, and record The Inconvenient Podcast.

Check it out!


How Other Dads Dad Podcast

You might know Hamish Blake from the Hamish & Andy Podcast, or LEGO Masters, or being Nedd Brockmann’s hype man. He’s a comedian/national treasure and his recent podcast is all about ‘dadding’. He chats to dads he admires about how they dad with the goal of ‘helping us all dad a tiny bit better’.

It’s very wholesome and Beau managed to make the cut while putting his own adventurous spin on it. I’m unsure on the preferred watch/listen order, so I suggest that you go with your heart.


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Want more Hamish Blake?

We don’t have a section for him yet, but maybe we will soon? If you’re in, we’re in, Hamish.


An inconvenient podcast, Hamish Blake Beau Miles, Dads, adventure