The final episode of the four-part docu-series, End to an End, is available to watch online now for free!


If you haven’t yet heard all the commotion, Patagonia is going hard against Victoria’s logging industry with the Thank You For Not Chopping Here campaign. The campaign calls for the immediate end to native forest logging in Victoria and the establishment of the Great Forest National Park in order to protect these old-growth forests made up of the world’s tallest flowering tree, the Mountain Ash, on which so much life depends. 

The first episode of End to an End dropped a few weeks back. The series follows trail runner Majell Backhausen as he traverses 273km across the proposed Great Forest National Park over four days to bring to light exactly what’s at stake.

During his run, Majell meets up with ‘elite local runner’ Beau Miles (who also narrates the series) to smash out a bunch of kilometres together and take in the beauty of the forests at risk of pointless destruction. 

Watch Majell’s run unfold in full now, run the trail yourself with the help of Patagonia’s new Great Forest Strava group, and support local groups campaigning for the establishment of the Great Forest National Park. 

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4



Feature photo by Cam Suttie