After premiering at community screenings across the country last year, the first episode of Patagonia’s four-part film series, ‘End to and End’, has launched online today, with episodes dropping weekly.


End to an End’ tracks the journey of ultra-trail runner, Majell Backhausen, as he runs 273km on the lands of the Taungurung, Wurundjeri, and Gunaikurnai people, from west to east across the proposed Great Forest National Park in Victoria’s Central Highlands. Why is he doing this? To save these precious forests from being logged.

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The Mountain Ash forests of Victoria’s Central Highlands are not only the tallest flowering trees in the world, but play home to many native species, including the critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possum. Yet despite this, the threat of these forests being logged for woodchips and toilet paper is real and looming.

Along his journey, Majell shares his experience with many people who want to protect these forests on Melbourne’s doorstep as much as he does, from Wurrundjeri Elder Perry Wandin, to backyard adventurer Beau Miles, and Great Forest National Park proposal founder Sarah Rees.

The film series makes up part of Patagonia’s wider campaign, ‘Thank You For Not Chopping Here’, in which the company calls for the immediate end to native forest logging in Victoria.

Follow Majell as he learns just why the Great Forest National Park needs to be established immediately.



Feature photo by @camsuttie