Keen to nail that #vanlife aesthetic but can’t afford a Kombi? You’re sure to have everyone fooled with this VW Kombi camping tent. Explorer Rob Embury gave it a whirl.

Welcome to your new favourite tent! No need to straighten your glasses or adjust your screen – you aren’t seeing things – this tent is a FULL SIZE replica of a 1965 VW Kombi T1 van. Fact – this tent will make you the talking point of whatever camping ground you are at.

Rob Embury, Kombi Tent review, astrophotography

Weighing in at around the 16kg mark, it ain’t built for hiking, and you’ll probably be wanting a camping spot that’s reasonably close to your car. Set-up was actually pretty straightforward, and there are videos on set-up/pack-down on YouTube, but you definitely need at least 2 people.

Space-wise, it’s a 4-person tent with 2 “rooms”, partitioned by a simple drop-down “wall” that you can open up if you want to. There isn’t much space left over for bags with mattresses in there, but who cares – you’re sleeping in a full size Kombi van replica!

Rob Embury, Kombi Tent review, drone view

We didn’t even bother to set up the ropes, as this bad boy wasn’t even looking like budging in the breeze. It is seriously very sturdy – but the ropes are there if you need them for a bit of extra support in higher winds.

OK, so what’s the verdict?!

There was not one person that walked past our setup without commenting on how awesome the tent was, along with the expected banter about how we managed to get a Kombi van up the 4WD track to Craig’s Hut (surely we’re the first to get a Kombi up there). We even had folks that only realised it was a tent when they got closer – it looks THAT damn good.

Rob Embury, Kombi Tent review, lit up

This tent is seriously rad, and a heap of fun. I mean, how awesome would this be at festivals? Be prepared to get a bunch of photo requests, make new friends, and everything else that goes with being the coolest kids in the camping ground. Definitely a winner.

Rob Embury, Kombi Tent review

If this post has stirred the nostalgia deep inside of you, or you feel like screaming “I was born in the wrong decade!” then head to Way Out Wonder’s website to nab one for yourself.


Rob was allowed to keep the VW Kombi Camping Tent after reviewing it. Here’s hoping he takes it to increasingly absurd locations in the future!


Photos by Pale Blue Dot Photography

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