The off-grid experts at Unyoked have built six new tiny houses to help you escape the rat race, but they’ve also listened to their guests and fine-tuned the experience.

Started by twin brothers Cam and Chris Grant, Unyoked have spent the last three years giving people the chance to disconnect from the rat race, get minimalistic and focus on what’s important.

The sustainably-focused tiny houses have been an absolute hit, in fact, we had a thoroughly peaceful weekend ourselves staying in Miguel in Kangaroo Valley. But the word got out and with a waitlist sporting over 5000 names it was time for the crew to up the offering.

There’ll be three new cabins in Victoria and New South Wales, bringing the total offering up to twelve. The Victorian escapes are about two hours from Melbourne, beneath the towering gums of Gippsland and Pyrenees State Forest, while the New South Wales spots are only an hour and a half from Sydney, tucked up in the stunning Central Coast Hinterland.

Bookings for these epic new escapes opened today, so head over to Unyoked’s website to nab yourself some me-time.

A Notification Vacation // The Cabin Series With Unyoked, photo by Tim Ashelford, miguel, unyoked cabin, coffee, kettle, steam

Unyoked have added more coffee brewing options to the cabins, excellent. | Photo by Tim Ashelford

Re-designed Cabins

Don’t worry, Unyoked are still offering a low-frills, off-grid experience. You’ll still have to find your cabin with GPS co-ords sent a few days out from your stay, and don’t expect choccy on the pillows. But at the same time…

‘We’ve upped the experience across all the cabins,’ says Co-founder Cam Grant, ‘there are new brewing methods for coffee, there’s a new partnership with Bay Leaf to develop unique loose leaf teas, more goodness from our Camp Cocktail partnership with Archie Rose, old school tape decks complete with meditation and mixtapes and curated campfire cooking utensils.’

Not only that, over 3000 guests have given feedback on their stay and design firm Fresh Prince took it all into account. The new tiny houses have more focus on the kitchen and an easier cooking experience, desks for escaping creatives looking to Thoreau it up and comfort essentials like linen bedsheets.

Sustainability is a massive focus for Unyoked too, and with more solar panels and larger water tanks, we reckon it’s going to be pretty tempting to sprinkle some seeds and set up shop indefinitely.

Keep an eye out for more cabins in other states in the first half of 2020. Oh and Cam’s told me that one of the cabins has ‘something special’ to be announced in late November. Intriguing. Keep your eyes on our page to find out more!


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