You heard me. By answering this one simple question, you could win the ultimate Vanuatu adventure holiday valued at over $5000, PLUS $7000 worth of Olympus camera gear. No, you’re not dreaming. 


Imagine for a second, the day that Australia opens its international borders. Australians free once again to meander the globe, and an influx of international tourists stoked to be back on Aussie soil. 

Where will you be? Still at home on the couch? Or on a plane about to embark on a once-in-a-bloody-lifetime trip to our neighbouring adventure archipelago, Vanuatu, with a backpack stuffed full of Olympus camera gear in tow? 

You gotta be in it to win it!


An Insider's Guide to Gaua, photos by Ben Savage and Ain Raadik, Ruby Claire, Vanuatu, island, plane view, window seat, ocean, reef, coastline

How do I enter?

We don’t want to make this too tricky, just drop in your name and email address and tell us;

What’s the first adventure you’ll go on in Vanuatu? Go on then.


Win The Ultimate Vanuatu Adventure & Olympus Camera Gear

What’s up for grabs?

This could just be the most outrageous prize we’ve ever given away, with a total value of $12,506 (every penny counts). Let me break it down for you; 


Ultimate Vanuatu Adventure

  • A curated adventure holiday up to $5500 AUD in value including; 
  • Flights for 2 people from Syd, Bris, or Melbourne via Air Vanuatu 
  • A selection of adventure experiences, including snorkeling, hiking, and cultural activities
  • Accommodation 


Olympus Camera Gear 

  • 1 x OM-D E-M1 Mark III + 12-40mm f2.8 Kit
  • 1 x M.Zuiko Digital 12-100mm f4.0 Lens 
  • 1 x TG-6 shockproof, dustproof and waterproof (15m) Camera 
  • 1 x CSCH-123 holder for TG-6 

Total value – $7,006 AUD

Think of all the STUNNING photos you could take. With that kind of camera. In Vanuatu. Maybe something a little like this…. 


The Best Places to Stay in the Outer Islands of Vanuatu, photos by Ben Savage and Ain Raadik, Ruby Claire, Gaua, Ladies water dance, water music, women, dancing, ocean


Or this…. 



or even this….


But what’s there to do in Vanuatu?

Don’t know much about Vanuatu and need a bit of inspo? We’ve got you covered.

Not to brag, but we’re kind of Vanuatu adventure experts and know a thing or two about the best places to stay, the must-do hikes, heck we even have guides about a bunch of the Outer Islands, like Maewo and Ambrym

So pore over our guides to Vanuatu, enter the comp, and your first international trip could be entirely organised and paid for. Not to mention those cameras will help you capture all the adventures and natural beauty of Vanuatu that’ll fill your feed and make your mates jealous for months. Cheers Olympus!

Explore Vanuatu

Ok ok, so we know the borders haven’t opened up quuuuite yet, that’s why you’ve got till the end of 2022 (COVID pending) to get over there.

But you can enter RIGHT NOW, so what are you waiting for?


Photos by @ainraadik and @ben.savage