Tripod Coffee has just released their ‘Just Add Water’ specialty blend so now you can drink single-origin coffee on the trail with little more than a cup, spoon, and hot water. It’s the fanciest instant coffee around. 


The best way to make and drink coffee outdoors is a highly debated topic – whether you trek your Aeropress to the top of the peak, or just sprinkle some ‘bogan dust’ aka Nescafe Blend 43 in the bottom of your camp cup, a hot brew in nature is essential. 

But now, thanks to the crew at the Australian-based sustainable coffee company Tripod Coffee, you don’t have to compromise on space, weight or flavour when making coffee outdoors. 




The ‘Just Add Water’ blend has been specially crafted so it can be made just as easily as an instant coffee, while still retaining the flavour of a premium filter brew. That means no fancy coffee equipment is needed, just a way of boiling water and a mug to chuck it all in. 

The beans are sourced from small specialty farms in Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region, creating a fruity, medium-bodied coffee that, according to Tripod, has ripe blueberry and dark cocoa flavours and jasmine aroma. Yummy.  



This stuff is strong! So a smaller amount is needed for each cup, with a 35g jar making between 11-15 coffees, around the equivalent of 200g of beans. Another plus for those counting the grams in their backpack! 

The crew at Tripod Coffee are all about sustainability – which is why they’ve created a delicious tasting coffee that doesn’t require expensive and bulky machinery to enjoy!

Our Social Media Manager, Jono, gave this blend a whirl, and had this to say:

As a black coffee drinker, the Three Capes Blend is right down my alley. The aromas that come off these beans from the Oromia Co-Op in Ethiopia are incredibly rich and its smooth medium-bodied taste definitely tops any other instant coffees I’ve tried. The ‘Just Add Water’ blend removes all the fuss of any other equipment you might require while you’re on the move, just add a teaspoon of coffee and water and you’ve got the perfect brew.

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Feature photo by @philu