The Thorsborne Trail Enhancement Project will see facilities upgraded, the number of daily visitors to Munamudanamy/Hinchinbrook Island increase, and the introduction of Aboriginal-guided treks.


Soon Explorers will have the chance to trek Queensland’s four-day Thorsborne Trail guided by a Traditional Owner. These soon-to-be-introduced commercially guided tours aim to preserve the qualities of an independent hiker’s experience of this national park island, while deepening their cultural understanding of Munamudanamy/Hinchinbrook Island.

What is the Thorsborne Trail Enhancement Project?

It’s all part of the Queensland Government’s $3.2 million Thorsborne Trail Enhancement Project, which aims to enhance existing infrastructure and campgrounds along the trail while maintaining its wild natural experiences, whether that be for individual hikers or group tours.

The guided tours will be curated so that they’re separated from independent walkers when feasible, including the construction of designated commercial group camping areas at the three main campgrounds – Little Ramsay, Zoe Bay, and Mulligan Falls.


The Thorsborne Trails Offers 4 Days of Tropical Island Trekking, Andrew Boyle, Hinchinbrook Island, Nina Peak, ocean, forests, beach, woman, lookout

Nina Peak

Plans to Maintain Authenticity of the Trail

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) will be working holistically with the Bandjin and Girramay Traditional Owners, who share Munamudanamy/Hinchinbrook Island, throughout the design and planning process to ensure that the upgrades and the guided bushwalks along the trail stay genuine to the park’s wild nature experiences and cultural values. Initial planning has also involved feedback from visitor surveys and stakeholders to gain a better understanding of what the trail needs.

The Thorsborne Trail is an outstanding representation of Australia’s raw and untamed natural beauty. During the hike, Explorers traverse through pristine rainforests and rocky outcrops, soak in natural pools, admire the colours of the Coral Sea, and marvel at waterfalls.


The Thorsborne Trails Offers 4 Days of Tropical Island Trekking, Andrew Boyle, Hinchinbrook Island, Zoe Falls, infinity pool, mountains, view, ocean, beach, woman

Zoe Falls Infinity Pool

What upgrades will happen on the Thorsborne Trail?

With low-key upgrades, the Thorsborne Trail will remain rugged and challenging.

Walking comfort isn’t the focus of the trail’s enhancements, but rather the overall functionality of the hike and visitor safety with better site design and flow while protecting Munamudanamy/Hinchinbrook Island’s natural attributes.

Currently, the facilities on the island are basic with no formal overall structure. The campgrounds no longer suit the surging number of hikers, day visitors, and boat or kayak tour campers who are all looking to experience the island’s exclusivity.


The Thorsborne Trails Offers 4 Days of Tropical Island Trekking, Andrew Boyle, Hinchinbrook Island, hike, trail, people, drone shot, mountain

Trekking on the Thorsborne Trail


Upgrades to the Thorsborne Trail will include:

  • Increasing the allowance of walkers from 40 to a maximum of 60 (to maintain the same number of permits available for independent hikers)
  • Improved communication about the trail and the island, with safety information provided
  • Construction of six new toilets and replacements of existing ones
  • Providing simple furniture such as log seats, platforms, and pack racks at the main campgrounds
  • Providing alternate tracks around tidal creeks/swamps and erosion issues
  • Installation of new signs
  • Establishing seasonal closures of the trail during January and February due to the high risks associated with weather conditions

Guided Walking Tours to Start in 2025

QPWS will be running an Expression of Interest this year to identify a suitable operator to work with the Traditional Owners to deliver this new experience.

While construction works will be staged to reduce disruption, there could be some minor impacts on hikers. Visitors are encouraged to stay informed through Park Alerts and emails sent to booked campers during the works.


Photos by @explore_with_ab