Patagonia’s latest environmental campaign, Thank You For Not Chopping Here, is a call for the government to immediately stop logging native Mountain ash forests in the majestic Central Highlands of Victoria. 

Time is Running Out

These ancient forests are hugely biodiverse ecosystems that house the world’s tallest flowering plant and provide essential habitat for the Leadbeater’s possum, one of Australia’s most endangered species. They’re essential to Melbourne’s water catchment, store mass amounts of carbon, and hold significant cultural and heritage value. 

The protection of these forests has been urged by conservation groups for years, with calls for the establishment of the Great Forest National Park (GFNP) being made since 2013. 

Despite this, the Victorian Government has continued to allow VicForests to cut down these native trees for paper, woodchips, and pallets. A timeline to phase out native forest logging by 2030 has been set out by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, however there are concerns from scientists that these fragile ecosystems will not survive until then.

What can be done about it?

Many local environmental groups, including Friends of the Earth Melbourne and Wildlife of the Central Highlands, have been advocating for the protection of the area for years through the creation of the GFNP, and Patagonia has been supporting these groups since 2020. 

In support of the movement, ‘End to an End: Running to save the Great Forest’, a new short film series is being premiered by Patagonia at select locations around the country in November and December. 




The four-part series shares the story of trail runner and Patagonia Sports Community Manager, Majell Backhausen, as he spends four days running 273km from the western to the eastern boundary of the proposed GFNP. 

The film series highlights the unique majesty and preciousness of the forests and the habitat they provide.

All the screenings are free however, seats are limited, so book ahead!


Screening Times

Tues 15th Nov, 6:30pm – Hobart, TAS

Weds 16th Nov, 6pm – Lower Blue Mountains, NSW

Fri 18th Nov, 6pm – Torquay, VIC

Tues 22nd Nov, 6pm – Melbourne, VIC

Tues 6th Dec, 6pm – Sydney, NSW

Can’t get along to a screening? Make a donation to the Great Forest Trail Marathon! The inaugural event is being held on Sunday 20th November in Healsville and the 80 trail runners have been collectively raising $120,000 to help establish the GFNP. Donations are still being taken


Feature image by Jarrah Lynch