Musk is back with a brand new invention – and it’s coming for van lifers and Troopy fanatics everywhere.


You might’ve heard about Tesla’s latest electric vehicle, the ‘Cybertruck’, but the tech giant has just dropped a new trailer (pun intended) showcasing the Cybertruck Basecamp accessory – essentially a BYO campsite. That’s right Explorers, Musk is marketing straight at you. Let’s see if it works.



Filmed in the stunning wilds of Iceland, the product video is impressively shot, but I couldn’t help but find the contrast between the dramatic natural world and the intensely-futuristic-looking vehicle slightly eerie. I’m not sure if it’s giving ‘escape it all’ or ‘we’re the only humans left on Earth’. 



Which may be the vibe Tesla’s after, considering the website claims the Cybertruck is ‘Built for any planet’, which is likely marketing hyperbole, but seems forwardly anticipating of Earth’s demise. 

Also, for a car that looks like it was built for the year 3000, the branding seems to be stuck in the 1990s punk era.



Nevertheless, there’s no arguing the Cybertruck is astonishingly packed with features and the Basecamp accessory kit is trying to turn it into the next adventure vehicle. Troopies watch out!

Side note: Are we taking standing floor lamps on our off-road camping trips now?


Is the Cybertruck the next adventure vehicle?

The Cybertruck itself is brimming with impressive stats and features – from the ultra-hard stainless steel exoskeleton to the entirely glass roof and 432mm of clearance. Plus of course, it’s electric, which we love (price tag closing in on $93,000AUD which we don’t love as much).

But what about the Basecamp accessories?

For an additional $2,975USD, you get an ultralight, geodesic air-frame tent with a built-in mattress that erects over and sits elevated above the trailer bed, creating space for two people (not three like pictured in the video) to camp in the back of the truck. Nifty, but not really groundbreaking. 



Tesla claims the air-frame tent can be inflated in minutes using a manual 👀 pump. The weather-resistant outer shell comes with an extendable awning so there’s a bit of covered outdoor space as well. The tent, awning, and bed are collapsible into a self-contained pack that sits above the trailer bed, so you don’t lose storage space. 



Musk even added screen windows to the tent so you can look at the stars, aww nature boy.

Look, Tesla’s certainly found a gap in the electric-vehicle-meets-adventure-vehicle market and is starting to fill it, but I can’t say that the tech and capabilities of the Cybertruck Basecamp accessories are a game changer just yet. 

But Elon, if you’re keen for us to give it a test drive, just shout!


Images by Tesla

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