Stitch Coffee Ready-to-Brew
'When it comes to flavour, ease of use, and convenience in the outdoors, the drip coffee bags and steeped coffee bags tick all of the boxes – so long as you’ve got a plan for packing out your rubbish.' 
Convienence & Useability
Guaranteed tasty coffee in the bush
Super easy to use – just add hot water
Super cute packaging and supporting an Aussie brand
Everyone can have their choice of flavour
Single use
Rubbish to carry out of the bush

When it comes to coffee and adventure, lightweight and easy to brew often seems like the most convenient option. But what if you don’t want to compromise on flavour? Stitch Coffee might have the solution. 

Stitch Coffee Ready-to-Brew Products

A steaming cup of joe is an essential for all coffee lovers in the outdoors. Whether it’s at the campground, on the peak of a mountain at sunrise, or for an arvo boost on the trail, coffee is crucial. 

But with so many bush barista brewing options out there, it can all get a bit overwhelming. 

Should I grind my own beans?
Is it worth packing the percolator?
Do I need something more lightweight? 

I’ve been testing out Stitch Coffee’s ready-to-brew range on my latest adventures and there’s a myriad of brewing methods and delectable flavours to choose from. Let me introduce you.



Steeped Coffee Bags

Stitch Coffee’s steeped coffee bags are pretty much just like a tea bag, only larger and better cause they’re full of coffee, not tea. 


Could Stitch Coffee's Ready-to-Brew Products be the Perfect Outdoor Cuppa?, Amy Fairall, coffee bag


Drip Coffee Bags

The drip coffee bags are more like a filter with two arms that sit over the edge of the cup. Pour hot water through the bag and over the coffee allowing it to drip into the cup.


Could Stitch Coffee's Ready-to-Brew Products be the Perfect Outdoor Cuppa?, Amy Fairall, coffee bag


Nitro Cold Brew Cans

These puppies are ready-to-drink cans of nitro cold brew. Chill. Shake. Crack. Sip. 


Convenience & Useability

If you’re looking for a convenient, no-fuss way to fill your coffee cup outside, the only simpler method I can think of is instant coffee, and we don’t endorse that devil drink on this website. We’re coffee snobs, I’m not afraid to admit it. 

Both of Stitch Coffee’s ready-to-brew methods are incredibly convenient, all that’s needed is a cup and a way to boil water. If your adventure allows, chuck some boiling water in a thermos before you leave and you’ll be laughin’! 



Each bag weighs less than 15g, so having the actual coffee and brewing gear all bundled up in one neat (and very aesthetic!) package makes for a ridiculously light and unbulky pack. 

Plus as each bag is single serve, it’s super easy to pack the exact number of bags needed and make everyone’s choice of coffee at the same time, rather than rationing out half cups from the percolator and waiting another five minutes for a second serve. Coffee always tastes better when shared as well!



As for the nitro cold brew, this can only really be enjoyed to its fullest extent when there’s an ice cold esky nearby, but damn, the only quicker way of getting coffee into your body is injecting it into your veins and I really don’t recommend that. I highly recommend this though. 


The main thing I sacrifice when brewing coffee outdoors is flavour. Unless I’m car camping with a good setup for a few solid days, I rely on my trusty reusable coffee filter. And although it’s light and small, it doesn’t make the most scrumptious brew out there. 

The ready-to-brew products from Stitch Coffee on the other hand are brimming with the stuff. An absolute treat when sacrificing the other conveniences of home.

The steeped coffee bag was my favourite tasting coffee – mandarin, hazelnut, and milk chocolate – the smoothest black coffee I’ve ever had the pleasure of wrapping my lips around. Steeping the bag creates a light and delicate brew that’s nice and easy to drink. I’ve had to force myself to ration these bags in particular so I don’t drink them all too quickly. 


‘Oh it’s really good!’


The drip coffee bags create a stronger, darker, and slightly more bitter coffee, using two different single-origin beans selected by Stitch Coffee roasters. A great choice when you need a flavour kick and energy boost to get up and explore!

The nitro cold brew black cans are literally just coffee and filtered water, infused with a smidge of nitrogen gas to create a real nice and creamy mouthfeel, that makes for a real nice balance and delightful drop! Definitely need to give the can a decent shake before opening and keep it as chilled as possible. If you’ve got the luxury to, pour it over a glass of ice! 



I’ve grown very fond of my 11g reusable coffee filter. It folds up into my hiking stove and comes with me on every morning mountaintop mission. 



Stitch Coffee’s ready-to-brew coffee bags are just as convenient, lightweight and packable, as my filter, however I found myself with more rubbish leftover than usual and no real plan of what to do with it. I stashed the used bags in my hiking pot and promised myself I’d clean it out as soon as I got home. 

As my regular coffee filter is reusable and coffee grounds are pretty safe to scatter or bury (depending on what environment you’re in and so long as you do so away from water sources) I usually don’t have any rubbish leftover from my cuppa. The steeped coffee bags are able to be composted in FOGO bins if you have one, so that’s an extra tick, but you still have to pack it out of the bush with you. 

The single-use factor and needing somewhere to stash the rubbish were the only slight hiccups I came across when using Stitch’s ready-to-brew products.



If you were using these products on a multi-day adventure especially with multiple people, this rubbish could accumulate fast. However when compared to the amount of single-use waste produced by takeaway coffee, it’s still pretty minimal. 


So where does Stitch Coffee’s ready-to-brew products land in the bush barista world? When it comes to flavour, ease of use, and convenience in the outdoors, the drip coffee bags and steeped coffee bags tick all of the boxes – so long as you’ve got a plan for packing out your rubbish. 

The nitro cold brew cans couldn’t be more convenient and are a delightful treat for those whose first coffee choice is iced, but you’ll really only be taking these with you if you’ve got an esky on hand.