Bring the outdoors in with these soothing sounds from nature.


Whether we like it or not, spending as much time as possible at home is the best thing to do for the greater public health at the moment. Being cooped up indoors all day, without so much as a taste of nature is enough to put anyone on edge. 

But never fear! The internet is here! 

Click one of these links, turn up the volume and close your eyes. Let the calming sounds of the outdoors in and feel your tension melt away. 

Hot tip! Works best when not participating in a high-stress activity, such as scrolling your feed or watching the news.

1. Birds In The Woods

Picture this; You’re in a wooded forest. Completely alone. You slow your steps and come to a halt. The tweeting of birds is all around. You stand, perfectly still, taking in the undisturbed sounds around you. 

2. Running River

Lying on the bank of a river, you tune into the gentle trickling of water, as it flows over stones and pebbles. The constant bubbling and gushing washes over you. 

3. Crackling Campfire

The snap, crackle and pop of your campfire. The tuneful tweet of a bird. The faint gurgling of a stream.

4. Tropical Beach

Time for a change of scenery. You’re lying on the warm and white sand of a tropical beach. Waves gently move up and down the shoreline. Whooshing and swooshing and washing away. 

5. In The Jungle

The great, big jungle that backs onto the beach is full of tropical birds calling, the faint hum of insects and the sound of thunderclouds moving across the sky. 

6. Rain

Or maybe you prefer to keep it simple with the constant drip-drop of rain (and the occasional distant boom of thunder).

Photo by Lisa Owen

Feature photo by Jon Harris