Over-tourism is a culture killer, but community tourism might just be a culture reviver. After a life-changing visit to Papua New Guinea, this filmmaker is convinced it’s the way forward.



Did you know the United Nations says that around 90% of all existing languages, and the traditions their speakers carry, could become extinct within a century? That’s a damn terrifying stat for anyone who isn’t interested in the world becoming one boring, homogenous blob. 

One of those people is filmmaker Mateo Arango Guerrero, who, on a recent trip to Papua New Guinea (PNG), shot and created Sing Sings – Keepers of the Culture, a short film showcasing the richness of culture amongst tribes from Australia’s closest neighbour.



With over 800 native languages spoken in PNG you would think culture is paramount. But as Christian Byfield, traveller and photographer, explains in the film, capitalism is beginning to literally erode the lands and in turn, the traditions and cultures that make PNG one of the most linguistically diverse countries on the planet. 

A possible solution? Community tourism. 

Watch on for an insight into the vibrant, identity-forming, and community-strengthening cultures of PNG, and learn how you can help keep them thriving. 



Images by @matangog

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