With the highest rate of deforestation in the developed world and the highest rate of mammal extinction in the world, one Aussie NFP decided it was time for a wake up call – by ‘bulldozing’ the Sydney Opera House.


It’s not every day you see the Sydney Opera House bulldozed, but the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) decided it was exactly the tactic they needed to employ, to wake Australia up to the destruction of our environment. 

According to ACF, every hour in Australia, bulldozers destroy 52 hectares of threatened species habitat, the equivalent of 28 Sydney Opera Houses of the homes of koalas, pink cockatoos, and other threatened species.

For non-NSW folks, that’s eight MCGs, seven Suncorp Stadiums, nine Adelaide Ovals, or eight of Perth’s Optus stadiums, destroyed every hour. 

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ACF’s controversial new campaign illustrates exactly what this destruction would look like if it was happening in some of our capital cities. The ‘Save Our Big Backyard’ campaign has employed graphic artists to digitally ‘bulldoze’ some of Australia’s most iconic landmarks.



With the unenviable title of being the only developed country on the global list of deforestation hotspots – and having the highest rate of mammal extinction in the world – ACF says that Australia needs strong national nature protection laws and an independent regulator to enforce them. To help make this happen, they’re urging us to sign their petition.

ACF’s campaigns director Dr Paul Sinclair said despite Aussies loving nature and the outdoors, there are still many that don’t know the extent of the destruction. 

‘We have the worst deforestation rate in the developed world. Since Australia’s national environment protection law took effect 20 years ago, more than seven million hectares of threatened species habitat has been destroyed,’ he said.

‘Australia’s nature protection laws are busted and distrusted and as a result the rates of deforestation are shocking, but only one-in-three Australians are aware of the nature crisis.

‘Can you imagine if the Sydney Opera House or MCG was demolished? There would be an uproar. But when it comes to destroying native habitats, there’s an eerie silence.

‘The consequences of such grand-scale destruction are huge. Australia has the highest rate of mammal extinctions in the world – even the koala is now endangered across NSW, Queensland, and the ACT because we keep destroying their homes.

‘We urgently need the Albanese government to create strong national nature protection laws and an independent regulator to enforce them.’

With a goal of 550,000 signatures on the petition, ACF is urging everyone to get behind the campaign and be a voice for change to protect our bushlands and the animals that call it their home. 

We wouldn’t want our homes bulldozed, so let’s help protect theirs. 

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ACF is not associated with or endorsed by the Sydney Opera House Trust. These images have been digitally altered for illustrative and dramatic purposes only.