Could this tongue-in-cheek piece of kit make the jump to reality? There’s at least one for sale..


On Saturday I was scrolling my phone with a discerning eye (it’s ok I’d already been outside!) as I perused the April Fools posts of the day. There were some crackers for sure – the CSIRO found a teacup wombat and climbing brand DMM announced that they were replacing climbing ‘nuts’ with industrial nuts.

But one post was so clean, so ironically in tune with the brand’s style and so committed to the bit that I really had to dig deep to confirm it wasn’t real.



Salomon’ S/LAB Hydration Crew Jacket is basically a hydration vest on every kind of steroid (and EPO). They’ve pitched it at your crew, the heroes who support you through your missions big and small.

‘Inspired by the crew members that support runners through their darkest hours in the most gruelling conditions. The ones who don’t always get the credit they deserve, but who will always be there to support you through every kilometer of your run – from a 5K to a marathon to a 100-miler.’

Turns out they partnered with gorpcore specialists Greater Goods to bring the vest to live in steezy streetwear style.


  • 3 x 2L reservoirs
  • 7 x 500mL soft flasks
  • 3 x soft cups
  • 10 x additional nutrition pockets
  • 1 x  first aid kit/survival blanket

You Can Win It

Salomon have teamed up with Opening Up The Outdoors to raffle off the one-of-a-kind hydration vest. The not-for-profit focuses on making the outdoors accessible and inclusive for all and was founded in 2021 as a response to systemic racism. Pretty great cause if you ask us.

Enter Raffle


Don’t think you’ll win but want to stay hydrated regardless?

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