No two road trips are the same, and depending on your style, some routes will be more up your alley than others. So how do you know which direction to point your wheels when it comes time to hit the highway?


That’s where we come in, to play your handy and helpful (if sometimes over enthusiastic), NSW roadies tour guide. We’ve come up with a way to reveal your true road trip personality and pair you with a NSW road trip to match.

There’s no card readings or staring into a glass ball here, all you have to do is take our quiz. It’ll take you five minutes, max, and might just give you the itinerary to your most memorable adventure yet. 




Perhaps you’ll turn out to be a Taste Chaser, the kind of road tripper who spends their time on the tarmac bouncing from cafe, to bakery, to winery, to restaurant, chasing flavour across the state. 



Or maybe you’re more of a Nature Frother, the person who’s always looking for a rainforest to wander through, a waterfall to frolic under, and a lookout to enjoy as the sun sets. 



You could be a Culture Kid, a road tripper who likes to spend their time digging deep into the stories and history of the land they’re on. 



Or maybe you’re just a classic Day Seizer – up with the birds, every hour jammed with activities, only slowing down once the sun’s packed it in for the day. 



Whoever you are, if there’s one thing we can guarantee it’s that there’s a road trip in NSW to suit you. Take our quiz and you’ll get not one, not two, but three road trips, tailored to your personality that you can take in NSW right now. 

What the heck are you waiting for? Reveal your road trip personality and start that ignition.