What Type of Road Tripper Are You?

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Did you know that there are four road trip personalities?

We’ve curated three brilliant NSW road trips for each one.

Take the quiz below to find out yours!


The Taste Chaser

‘Maybe they’re all the best pie shop?’

If you’re not sorting the in-car snack menu you’re trying to find the best coffee shop in town, or convincing the crew to ditch camp for the local Mexican-Japanese fusion. And we won’t even get you started on craft beer!

The Day Seizer

‘Carpe diem crew! Ya gotta seize the day!’

Yeah you’re up for sunrise. Yeah you booked the crew in for kayaking 10 minutes after you got out of the car. Downhill mountain biking? Never done it, let’s go! A ‘rest day’? What’s that?

The Nature Frother

‘You guys heard of forest bathing?’

There’s only one reason to hit the road: to see more mountains, beaches, ferns, and wombats. You’re all about getting immersed in nature and you’ll hug a tree if no one’s looking (or even if they are).

The Culture Kid

‘Hurry up guys! This fence post’s from 1823, you’ve gotta see it.’

On road trips you can be found deep in a local museum run by a bloke named Greg, or doing an Indigenous tour with a local Elder. You’ve been known to buy art. Historic towns are your jam – lucky there are plenty to see!