We’ve reached the halfway mark of our Rewild the Snowies campaign, and hot dangit, you lot are generous folk!


It’s been two weeks since we launched Rewild the Snowies, and in that time we’ve raised almost $27,000 from 348 generous supporters. Give yourselves a pat on the back, you guys bloody rock! 



That means we’re only $3000 away from our $30,000 goal, (although just between you and me, we’re hoping to smash that outta the water). 

Nearly every perk is still available and every $5 guarantees one tree planted in Snowy Mountains soil and meticulously cared for by locals. 

Why not pitch in $5 for each member of your fam and get them all a native tree for Chrissy? Consider it the Aussie version of a partridge in a pear tree. They’ll love it.




Feature photo by @boenferguson