Today’s the day! Rewild the Snowies is officially live and kickin’!


In case ya somehow missed us hollerin’ from the treetops, for our latest crowdfunding campaign we’re raising $30,000 to plant 6,000 native trees and help Rewild the Snowies. 




This time, we’ve teamed up with Keep It Cool, a local non-for-profit who plant native trees in the Snowy Mountains. They’re experts in what trees we should plant, where they should go, and how to look after them. 

But we need your help to get them in the ground.


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Every $5 donation means one native tree will be planted in Snowy Mountains soil and meticulously cared for by locals. 

The chuffed campaign is live, meaning you can make your donation (and claim your perk) right now! 

The campaign will run for 30 days, but don’t wait! You might just miss out on the gift you really want (we can’t all have the same Zorali sandals after all).





Photos by @boenferguson