Remote Projects is an outdoor retailer dedicated to giving back to the land that inspires them. They’ve partnered with Bush Heritage Australia and are looking for investors to expand their business so they can reach an ambitious donation goal.

Who is Remote Projects & what do they do?

Remote Projects is based in Byron Bay and makes durable, practical canvas bags and accessories, just like your grandad used to have (except way cooler).

Like all salt-of-the-earth outdoor stores they have a salt-of-the-earth founder story. See back in 2014, Ross Bird was island hopping between Thailand and India, and he really did have a backpack like your grandpa. It was a 1981 standard military-issued canvas backpack and Ross fell in love.

When he got back to Australia, he decided the world needed a more aesthetic, comfortable version of his rugged army pack – cue Remote Projects.

Remote Projects makes durable canvas bags and accessories that source their inspiration from the vastness and wonder of the Australian landscape.


What kind of gear do they make?

If you peruse the Remote Projects website you’ll find everything from your classic tote, to a weekender bag and more traditional outdoor gear like swags and tarps.

Everything is made from high quality canvas that’s designed to stand the test of time and take you on as many adventures as possible.

How are they giving back to nature?

One of the coolest things about the Remote Projects team is their commitment to preserving and caring for the land from which their products source inspiration – the Australian landscape. The business has an ongoing relationship with Bush Heritage, an organization that works with Aboriginal people to protect the environment and ensure that Country remains healthy well into the future.

‘When mapping out the plan for the business, I found that Bush Heritage Australia aligned with our values as a brand, and we pledged our long-term support,’ said Remote Projects’ Founder, Ross Bird.

‘Our customers have a strong appreciation for the diverse ecosystem and land we call home, from the arid desert, the pristine coastlines, river systems and tropical rainforests,’ he said.

Remote Projects really have put their money where their mouth is, having set a long-term goal of donating $1,000,000 to Bush Heritage Australia (with $18,000 donated already).


And They’re Looking for Investors to Kick it Up a Notch

And how will they donate $1,000,000 you ask? Remote Projects plans to deliver on its promise by expanding its range of products through rounds of equity raising. This means that you could be an investor in a company that’s committed to making a difference and caring for our land – how cool!

To get your hands on any of Remote Projects uber-cool canvas bags or to become an investor, head to the Remote Projects website.


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