If seeing more of your own backyard is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then the heart of the country if a great place to start. Lucky Webjet is offering flights to The Red Centre for as little as $17 one way. That’s a certified bargain.


Say whaaaat? 

Yeah you heard right. Not every flight will give you change from a lobster, but there are plenty of flights around the $30 mark as well, less than the cost of your brunch on the weekend.

The sale is only on until midnight on Friday 20th of January so you gotta be spontaneous with this one! Book now, plan later (we can help you there).

How are they doing this?

My thoughts exactly, but the folks at Webjet have teamed up with Tourism Northern Territory to scrape a generous $150 off the cost of flights to The Red Centre.

When can I visit?

The deal is valid for any flights between 16th of January 2023 and 5th of April 2023, so you could be living it up in The Red Centre any day now!

Where can I fly to and from?

The special is on for Explorers departing from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne (Tullamarine), Adelaide, and Hobart, and you can fly straight to Uluru or Alice Springs. Although all of these locations are a part of the sale, flights from both Sydney and Melbourne to Uluru are by far the cheapest! 

Fly direct to Uluru and be instantly astounded by Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, or head to Alice Springs and flounce around the waterholes of the West and East MacDonnell Ranges instead.

Don’t sleep on this one folks, book your next holiday now! It’s certainly not every day you get to visit the heart of Australia without breaking the bank.


Feature photo by Kate Miles