Whoever works at the New Zealand tourism board seriously needs a pay rise. The tasty morsels they keep serving up make us want to row a boat across the ditch just to get there. 


First they blessed us with the ‘Good Morning World’ campaign, where every morning, our Insta feed would greet us with a morning blessing from one of the 4 million wholesome humans in Kiwiland. 

And now, the bloody marketing geniuses have brought us Play NZ, the world’s first gameplay walkthrough of a real country, where you can experience all the delicious bits of New Zealand in the style of a video game. Wicked. 

There’s a bunch of different realms to explore, quests to conquer and a myriad of friendly characters to help you along the way. 

Check it out.



Ok so it’s not a video game you can like, go and buy from a brick and mortar store. But it certainly has us researching all the realms we’re gonna explore and quests we’ll conquer once we can get our butts back over there. 

In the meantime, we’ll probably just watch cue this up on the biggest screen we have and watch it on repeat.