A year after the Black Summer Bushfires burnt through 80% of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, the region is abloom with a rare pink flannel flower. 


Known as Actinotus forsythii, this pink flannel flower only comes out after bushfire, and has created a sweeping carpet of colour across areas of the Blue (or should we say pink?) Mountains. 



Although white flannel flowers are common in the Blue Mountains, the seeds of this particular species need very specific conditions in order to germinate, making their appearance extremely rare. 

The combination of bushfire, or rather bushfire smoke, followed by a deluge of rain about a year afterwards, is what brings these babies to life. 

The seeds lie dormant underground for years awaiting these precise conditions. 

The flowers are currently blooming in burnt-out areas from Katoomba to Lithgow and as far north as Newnes and will only stick around for a few months.



Photos thanks to @marvellousplants