Paire is expanding its range and it may have accidentally created a perfect shirt for adventures.


Starting out wanting to keep the sock industry on its toes, Melbourne-based brand Paire combined a long-forgotten shape of sock with a brand new material called CoolBlend. The result? A bloody comfy pair of foot warmers

And it was a hit. 

So they thought, ‘why stop there?’. There are plenty of body parts that need moisture-wicking, breathable, anti-smell material draped over them. 

Enter the Supreme BreezeBlend T-Shirt



With a blend of Merino wool (sourced from cruelty-free woolsheds around NSW and VIC) and eucalyptus fibre (made of wood pulp from certified renewable sources) this shirt feels good on the bod and in the soul. 

Now it’s hard to know whether Paire was specifically making this shirt for the outdoors. I’m sure it crossed the team’s minds, but with plenty of product shots of the shirt safe and sound indoors, I don’t think it was their sole focus (unlike the socks, geddit?).

Which is what makes the outdoor-friendly features of the shirt such a happy accident.

The special BreezeBlend material is five times more breathable than regular cotton, while being twice as moisture-wicking, and three times softer. That means this shirt is temperature-regulating when you’re out in the elements, but also feels like a buttery hug, with a reduced chance of chafing and skin irritation. Tick, tick, tick!

It sounds like it was made for sweating it up outside, even if unintentionally.

Plus the T-shirt comes in eight great colours, from striking ‘marmalade’ to the more subtle ‘sky’ and ‘pistachio’.

We’re pretty keen to get ourselves into one and give it a literal run for its money, stat!


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