Often heralded as creating ‘the world’s comfiest socks’, innovative Melbourne-based sock company Paire reckons it’s created the best sports socks as well. And with 20% off your first order, you can put them to the test.


Made using sweat-wicking Merino wool and with a unique 90-degree angled heel that prevents slipping, the Paire Active Ankle socks are being praised by Aussie athletes. 

‘Loved the Active Ankle Socks. The addition of the higher and thicker heel is brilliant, and the socks are so warm but very breathable. They were fairly absorbent, and my shoes weren’t soaked after the workout,’ said Pro Hockey Player, Karri McMahon.

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Plus, the use of wool means no nasty blisters and no smelly feet! You can wear the Active Ankle socks for three days before they start to get whiffy – hello trail socks! 

Wanna try them out for yourself? Paire is offering Explorers 20% off their first order with them when using the code SPORTS20

Put the Active Ankle sock to the test for yourself and check out the rest of the Paire sock range while you’re there. 


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