Take your relationship to new heights — and campsites — with this selection of outdoor gear for camping couples.


Camping has the potential to be one of the most romantic trips you can do as a couple. After all, we’ve all heard the joke, sex while camping can be f’ing in-tents…

While the outdoors can be an excellent testing ground for new couples, and a retreat from the rhythms of daily life for those who’ve been together for years, there’s more to couple’s camping than dividing up who carries the stove and who brings the tent pegs. 

Here are some specific outdoor items to transform your hardcore weekend hike into an awesome outdoor date or bona fide romantic getaway.


Double Sleeping Bag

We’ve reviewed the Sea to Summit Amplitude double sleeping bag and the article quickly turned into a love letter to the double sleeping bag.

It’s a game changer for all couples or even cold sleepers willing to share a sleeping bag with friends,’ said Kate in her review.



Zip Coupling Sleeping Bag

If a double sleeping bag seems too big of a step, or you expect to sleep out solo on occasion and don’t want to lug around the extra weight, then you may prefer the single bag from Sea to Summit that comes with ‘zip coupling’ capabilities.

These are regular sleeping bags that are designed to zip together into a double sleeping bag. As Kate mentioned in her review, ‘the downside for couples is these zips are only 165cm long, so you have a separate footbox, meaning no footsies during the night.’

Double Sleeping Mat

Naturally, the next step after a two man sleeping bag, is a double sleeping mat.

Perfect for those who hate having multiple sleeping mats sliding around in the tent, these will solve the dual annoyance of a big trench between you and your partner, and differing sleeping mat thickness or height.

The Sea To Summit Comfort Plus, Self Inflating Sleeping mat is the pinnacle of couples camp comfort.


While on the topic of sleep, earplugs popped up in our recent write up on Gear Our Users Can’t Go Without.

Perfect for drowning out snoring partners, there’s nothing more romantic than a good night’s sleep.

Deluxe Double Swag

You don’t have to be a single, jolly swagman with a penchant for jumbucks to enjoy this time tested form of outdoor accommodation. 

The swag can be a two person paradise and now comes in purple!

String Lights or Lanterns

If a bajillion stars aren’t bringing enough ambience to your overnighter, might we recommend the Luci Solar Powered String Lights.


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10 Gift Ideas For The Camper In Your Family – Christmas Gear Guide


Alternatively, for a single source of light, the Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Lantern has a whopping 37 five-star reviews on Wild Earth, so we’re not the only fans. It collapses down to just a few centimetres in height, so it’s ultra-packable and lightweight.


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Not only are citronella candles excellent at keeping biting insects at bay. They’re also bound to delight your own bae with their romantic ambience.


Picnic Rug & Blanket

Camping is really just a glorified picnic right? A picnic rug is our pick for turning your outdoor camp dining into a legitimate date.

A lightweight blanket, like a Down Puffy Blanket can also be a great addition to your gear closet for cold mornings and a complement those evening picnics.



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